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    Default Directional Piston with On/off behavior

    This is ideal for anyone making a mechanical level or object, such as an engine piston, that wants it to move in and out, but doesn't desire how on the On/Off behavior how the piston slows down towards the end of the movement. This is a quick tutorial on how to make a directional piston have the same behavior as On/Off, but maintains a constant speed and doesn't slow down when it reaches max or min. height.

    I released a level with an example of it working. It's called Directional Piston With On/Off Behavior.

    So, here's how to make it. Again, just think of this as an On/Off piston that doesn't slow down. This also works in LBP PS3 and LBP2 (LBP2 works way better because of instant no delay logic)

    So, build your object with the piston, and get out a set-reset switch. Place a thin or thick layer behind the object as well.
    1. Wire the set-reset directional output to the piston to start off.

    2. Place a magnetic key switch on the back layer where the pistons max length is, and one at the min. as well. Both should be directional and inverted. Place a corr. colored mag. key on the moving object part of the piston. I should perfectly start and stop over the 2 mag. key switches.
    -To simplify this more, basically what these keys are doing are telling the set-reset switch when the directional is at its maximum height and minimum height. So, when the piston reaches full height, the mag key on it hits the mag. switch which activates the set reset and tells the piston to instantly move in the opposite direction it was just going.

    3. Wire the max mag key switch to the left chain winch on the set reset, and the min. to the right.
    If done right, when fully extended the max key switch will reset piston , and then once the piston goes all the way down it will activate the min key switch and make it go back up.

    -This makes the Directional behave like an on/off piston, but still maintain that constant speed unique to the setting.
    -So, all in all, the mag. keys and set/reset switch together cause the directional piston to instantly move in the opposite direction it was whenever it reaches its max or min height.

    Hope this helps, please post or PM if confused.
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