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    Default How to make Simple Beatboxing (Music)

    Hello there! I will teach you how to make Simple Beatboxing.

    Firstly: Put a Music Sequencer on somewhere first then start with Beatbox 1 in the Tools Bag in the Music Section.
    Secondly: Press X until you have a straight line of notes. (Any length)
    Thirdly: Move some notes up and down until you have a catchy tune of beatboxing.
    Forth and Finally: Copy Beatbox 1 with the R3 Button and put Beatbox 2 over it. It should copy the Beatbox 1.
    Hope this helps your musical talents!

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    Too vague

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    Default Re: How to make Simple Beatboxing (Music)

    Or Beatbox 2 first then Beatbox 1. Whatever rocks your boat. :I

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    ...I don't get it, please use more detail
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  5. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky-III View Post
    ...I don't get it, please use more detail
    Well... as i get it... the basic principle of getting a note and pressing X until you fill a line, serves the purpose of having a perfect, steady (and monotonous?) rythm....hmm.. unless maybe you choose an odd length.
    Then, according to chaos theory, you move them around randomly, until you have a catchy tune.

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