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    Talking Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy 1

    Hey guys I finally have my first full lbp2 level out! So this level has been in the making for about 6 months, most of the time was spend teaching myself the new logic and loads of small editing. I procrastinated this level too so that may be 2 months right there Anyways this level is the first in a series recreation of the original Jak & Daxter ps2 game. I've tried to tailor it to be almost identical to the orignal. I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun, one important thing to note, this level uses emmiters for the level so if you don't play by yourself or have a fancy dacorated and stickered costume, the emitters will fail so please keep that in mind Also I would like to thank the following individuals who helped me along the way:
    • Comphermc, his littlebigtutorials vids really helped me get my logic on
    • iBubek for his sackbot emotions microchip
    • Deviangeek for his sackbot checkpoint system
    • L1GhTmArE for his day/night cycle
    • All my beta testers, you know who you are
    • Random friends for the awesome moral support
    • The lbp community, all of you guys had something interesting going on, whether it was a small tutorial or a random post that got my mighty brain gears up and running, I had to learn everything about lbp2 for making this and I owe you guys a nice big 'ole
    So enjoy!

    Teaser Vid Courtesy Of MrFusion Who Is An Almighty Awesome Dude

    Please provide feedback first before asking me to play your level
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  2. Thanks!

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