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    Default Community Spotlight Episode 70

    Welcome everyone to this fortnight’s Spotlight. After a somewhat fallow patch last time, we are glad to say things are back to normal and we have another bumper crop of great levels for you get stuck into, including our first ever Move level to achieve a full Spotlight!

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed our snazzy new banner, courtesy of Night Angel, who designed the original one. We think it gives the Spotlight a great, fresh look and we have crushed mutterings amongst a faction of the crew about "manning it up" with some flames and heavy metal skulls! Seriously, though, we think the new style is awesome and we owe a big debt of thanks to Night Angel!

    So without further ado:

    PS3 Spotlight
    • Current Spotlights

     STAR WARS: Escape From the Death Star: err...Etc! (S.E.)
    by  julesyjules
    Rescue the Princess - you're her only hope! LONG 3 level story platformer for 1 player...Thx to Jaeyden & Centurion24 for additional costume help. R2 (obviously!) to skip most cutscenes...

    Speaking as a lapsed Star Wars fan, this level really blew my socks off. It's one of those rare mixes of well thought-out platforming and cinematic artistry that I wish there was more of in this game. julesyjules manages to faithfully blend memorable moments from the final chapter of the first Star Wars film with LittleBigPlanet's signature whimsy. Do yourself a favor and play this immediately.


    Julesyjules' Star Wars series really blows me out of the water. From the second the level begins we are grabbed by his amazing storytelling ability – it's obvious that he has a great love of the franchise, as every detail included is something which will thrill any Star Wars buff. In this particular episode, we are treated to an epic retelling of Princess Leia's rescue, with a healthy lashing of LBP humour thrown in for good measure. The gameplay in this episode is a real treat – including my favourite section where you team up with Leia in order to solve the platforming puzzle laid out before you. Excellent use of AI and a really intuitive layout makes this level a definite must-play for everyone!


    Ahhh, force of creative with strong this one is, hmmm. Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm a huge Star Wars geek and Julesyjules has once again outdone himself with what in my opinion is his best work yet. I don't think George Lucas himself could have done better. Jules has put his own unique spin on the classic rescuing of Princess Leia chapter and has left no detail out. All the key scenes are here from the actual rescue and trash compactor scene, which was pulled off brilliantly, to the escape. He even put the battle between Vader and Obe Wan in here! And it was awesome! This level is wrought with Jule's outstanding sense of humor and impeccable gameplay. The cutscenes are amazing and hilarious, my favorite being the chase scene between the storm troopers and the group. It reminded me of the classic Benny Hill chases at the end of every episode. Amazing, amazing, amazing level. You must play this one.


     "Quadratech Mansion" (LBPC4)
    by  LFiers
    You're out house hunting as you stumble across a beautiful looking mansion. A strange looking real estate agent asks you to "test" his mansion out & you reluctantly accept. After going in to this strange mansion you realise it isn't a normal home & subsequently get locked in. Can you solve the puzzles & make your way out? Introducing 1 mansion. Featuring 4 elements of physics. Laced with non-linear gameplay. (Notes: Music by me.) {Follow me on Twitter: [URL=""]@LFiers[/URL]}

    Lfiers is back again, with another contest entry worth its weight in gold. Here he throws down the gauntlet with not one, not two, but four different gameplay mechanics to solve in order to progress. Now, quality is always above quantity in my eyes, but we are not disappointed there either – as each section of this non-linear level works beautifully, and is just as satisfying to complete as the previous. There's really something in here for everyone!


    Lfiers is back with another brilliant level. Someone should seriously check out this guy's basement. He may have a level building sweatshop going on or something. Well, whatever it is, keep doing it! In this level we are dropped into this mansion and stand before a locked door and four sets of stairs. Each staircase leads to a unique set of challenges, such as the room that deals with weights. In this area you'll be bounding back and forth and confront several obstacles that will have you saying, "Uh! Why didn't I think of that!?" Another stair case leads to the...nope, not going to do it. I won't ruin the surprise for you. You just need to play it for yourself. Trust me, it's good.


     (LBPC4) "Professor Tesla's secret laboratory"
    by  ALS_TheGamer
    - The professor Tesla completed his secret laboratory,in this place electro-magnetism and general physic bring together to give you a new experience. Highly designed for 1 player (2 players max). Level difficult : Medium (Hard sometimes) Gameplay durability : 8 Minutes aprox Special thanks to LFiers,Alley_Cat_8633,PSYNTENS and Xx_Mr_Orange_xX for test the level. I hope you enjoy it and excuse my english.

    ALS_TheGamer's entry to the LBPC4 contest is really a sight to see – Professor Tesla has never looked so good, with electrifying (titter) visuals and shocking (giggle) gameplay. It really was a shock (snort – ok, I'm done) to the system to be thrown about by devious contraptions left right and centre. As you might expect in a level based on Tesla, the focus here is on electricity and magnetism. There's some really ingenious gameplay mechanics at work here, and the whole level will keep you thoroughly entertained from start to finish. A great contender!


    An invitation to visit Professor Tesla’s secret lab is not to be sniffed at especially when it is so charmingly and humorously delivered by a descendent the great man himself! But be warned: you’ll need your protective clothing and the odd paramedic on standby too, for looking at the gleam in the Professor’s eye, I’m not sure that health and safety is his top priority. As you explore his lab you’ll encounter all sorts of amazing contraptions and magnetic gizmos and be tossed, flipped and fried just like a pancake! The level is bursting with innovative and imaginative gameplay with plenty of challenge to get your teeth into (along with a sprinkling of those exhilarating, no skill required, launched into bubbles moments that put a smile on your face). High voltage entertainment through and through!


    My first impression upon entering this level was, "What the?...Sweet!" The design is impressive from start to finish with a very clean and polished feel to it. Now, as great as the visuals are, the gameplay is even better. One of the main mechanics you'll be dealing with is electromagnetism. It's quite alright if you don't understand what that is, as Professor Tesla's heir is here to give you the rundown. You grab a magnet and by changing the polarity, you are either repelled from or attracted to objects. This makes for some brilliant and fun gameplay. From there we move to some fast paced, bubble collecting, platforming. Put on your lab coats and safety goggles and jump into Professor Tesla's secret laboratory. You won't regret it.


     (LBPC4) Melting Heat (1 Player only)
    by  ATMLVE
    Enter Melting Heat, a place of glowing lava and strange time stopping powers. Press triangle to freeze time whenever you choose to manipulate youre environment. Laggy in some spots, such as the beginning. One player only to reduce lag. Special thanks to PurpleChaos and Alley_Cat_8633

    In the depths of a volcano, strange things happen to the universe. Like the ability to stop time – yes, apparently heat will do funny things to a sackperson's brain. But who's to complain when everything looks, and plays so well, in ATMLVE's brilliant level. When the time is right (titter), press the triangle button to freeze the world in its tracks. Astounding visuals abound here, where you can literally feel the burning hot metal surrounding you, and the steam billowing up in the air, poured forth from gigantic bubbling... you know what, maybe you should just get on and play it!


    Turn up the air conditioner before playing this one, because! The first thing you'll no doubt notice is the design of this level. I probably spent more time looking around than I did playing. I'd zoom in to get a closer look and find myself going,"What? Look how he used that! Genius!" There are gauges, dials and pipes everywhere, which gives it a fantastic industrial feel. The second thing you'll discover is, "Is that Lava?" and "Hey! That wall pushed me into it!" Lucky for you, ATMLVE gave us the ability to freeze time. You'll need to figure out when to stop and start time in order to accomplish cleverly designed obstacles and puzzles. So get off your keester and go play this level, just try not to get your stitching singed in the process.


     Test Subject 222
    by  microhamster
    You play as Test Subject 222. With the help of Training program J.A.R.V.I.S, an abandoned Testing system, You must get out of the facility. It may seem easy but there will be many twists and turns. Credit to JackMorganUK for the music.

    This treat from microhamster places you in an abandoned facility, where you are at the mercy of a program named J.A.R.V.I.S – a deranged (possibly virus-ridden) program with a penchant for testing. Yes, this may sound familiar, but the gameplay contained in this level is a real treat – Prepare for some great Portal-based puzzles involving a dash of grabinator usage for good measure. Soon you'll find yourself throwing crates through the walls like a madsack, aiming to get your velocity just so in order to progress. Step on up and take a shot test subject!


    Where do I begin? This was a fantastic level from start to finish. Microhamster wowed me with an incredible design, neat special effects and a glimpse of a story that makes me want MORE! As test subject 222 you must try and escape this place, but how? The A.I. informs me that I can use those portalpanels to make my way thru the facility. Ziiiip! That was cool! Wish all travel were that fast and easy. With the aide of these panels you'll solve masterful puzzles and enjoy great scenery as you make your way out, or will you? Because just as you think...oops! No spoilers will be had here. You'll have to go play this one for yourself.


     [MMS] Light the way (1 or 2 players, at least one with move)
    by  SlurmMacKenzie
    One or two players only, PS Move require for at least one player. Light your way with the PSMove in this fun platformer. In solo, you control both the light and the sackperson, while in cooperation one player control the light, and the other the sackperson. I hope you'll enjoy it, please report bugs and issues if you found any! Thanks!

    In this delightfully conceived level, you may play alone or with a friend – and things are equally fun no matter which way you choose! SlurmMacKenzie treats us to a marvellous jaunt through a dark, foreboding environment, where you must light your own path (using your move controller). Puzzle and obstacles react depending on your aim, and it is vital that you keep an eye on where your cursor strays, because if you settle it for too long you may find yourself the victim of a rather impromptu squishing! Turning on the backlight give an immediate 'Woah' effect, as sticker panels and contrasting colours dazzle your senses. A really enchanting Move level!


    This is a truly impressive Move level. Your task is to navigate through the dark using your Move controller to “light the way”, not just figuratively but literally too as the light not only shows you your path but slides platforms out of the way or activates different contraptions. Sound easy? Well, you’d be surprised how tough it can be (in single player mode) keeping the light where it’s meant to be while you negotiate the various obstacles – a bit like patting your head while rubbing your tummy, only without the spikes waiting below! Beautifully put together with some really ingenious mechanisms and secret point bonuses hidden around the place to spice things up, this level will keep you absorbed and concentrating hard to the very end. The glow in the dark visuals work really well (the points bubbles are beautiful!) and the backlight effect is spectacular - if you remember to switch it on *cough*. A really cool and fun demonstration of what the Move can add to LBP!


     Fase 2-2: Um caso Palestino (Fugindo da prisão)
    by  ruthtomaz
    Ajude sackboy recuperar as doações que estavam na flotilha que foi atacada, e fugir do cárcere para caverna! Cuidado com os fogos! Atire nas pedras que estão no caminho e esquive do dardos venenosos. Total de 42 doações (itens secretos). Deus salve a Palestina!! Help sackboy escape the prison to the cave, and get back the 42 donations that were in the attacked fleet!! God save Palestine!!

    Ruthtomaz has created one of those teasing, tantalising levels where your task is to hunt down 42 hidden items, many of which are in plain view but can’t be reached without furious head scratching! You start out in prison and have to make your way to safety, picking up the secrets on your way. Your path is never straightforward and in fact this is a level which rewards thinking out of the box and all round deviousness! It cleverly mixes the usual linear path with elements of free roam and some pretty nifty platforming. So if you enjoy a brilliantly designed level with bags of puzzle based challenge, then this is a must play level for you. Oh, and if anyone finds out how to get to the last two books, be sure to send me a VM... On second thoughts, don't. It just gives me an excuse to replay!


    I love seek and find games and this level is like seek and find 3D! Ruthtomaz crafted an excellent platformer with tons of nooks and crannies to explore. To reach the top of the scoreboards (I know! But they'll be back sometime) you'll need to find all forty-two hidden items. Some are right in there in front of your face, only you'll need to solve how to get to them first. This environment is chock full of clever obstacles, contraptions and cunning puzzles and is sure to please both new players and the seasoned veteran alike.


    Fase 2-2 is not a level to miss! It has everything you could ever want in a level. From gameplay to asthetics, this level is full of high quality work. Secrets are everywhere (and in your face) and it will take a great deal of hard thinking to find everyone of them. The layer management and usage is superb and the backtracking will even give GruntosUK a run for his money. If you're looking for a superb level with great gameplay and replay value out of this world then try Ruthtomaz's level today!


    • Backlog Spotlights

     Moon Lander 3
    by  I_P1NKY_I
    Fly your Lander through a variety of levels with increasing difficulty. This time around you can choose between EASY or HARD difficulty modes and whether you want fuel or not. Don't forget you can also team up with a buddy for double the points. Please rate, heart or comment. If you come across any bugs/glitches let me know in a COMMENT. (Instructions shown at bottom of screen)

    I_P1NKY_I is back with yet another stellar instalment (they just keep on coming folks) of the Moon Lander levels. Pilot your rocket through death-defying caverns and grab your spot on the other side of the screen to succeed at this addictive little puzzle game. The mechanic is simple, and has been used in many games across many platforms, but I_P1NKY_I does a wonderful job of recreating this theme in LittleBigPlanet, with striking visuals and responsive controls. For even more fun, why not ramp up the difficulty and turn Fuel mode on for a challenge you just can't refuse!


    If you have yet to play any of I_P1NKY_I's moon lander levels, where have you been? They are a blast to play and actually is one of the few levels nowadays that is even more fun in multiplayer. Try and carefully guide your little rocket to the landing pad, all the while avoiding walls and other obstacles. Touch the sides and KABLAM! Start over. In this version you are given the opportunity to choose your difficulty level and to turn the fuel on or off. That ups the ante! You'll laugh and cry out loud as you and your buddies try and make it to safety.


     Refuse Ridge
    by  Lockstitch
    Cast down from the arms of the loving one, a harsh existence extends beyond...

    Get ready for a race like no other, as only Lokstitch can deliver. Traverse your way through Refuse Ridge, grappling on to intimidating machinery and dancing a finely choreographed ballet amongst the discarded miscellanea you find dotted around the landscape. I felt exhilarated as each new section revealed yet another exquisitely crafted obstacle to puzzle through, my heart racing as the timer drew ever closer to its end. In other words, this is pretty darned nifty!


    Refuse Ridge is certainly an exhilarating experience. There’s nothing like a brilliantly designed race to get the adrenalin pumping. Lockstitch makes superb use of this to create some fantastic momentum-based platforming, which has you swinging through the air with your grappling hook, flying around inside tubes or being flung and bounced this way and that. But pacing is everything and you’ll need to keep on your toes to avoid getting caught out by the many cleverly placed traps for the over-impulsive and use all your nimbleness to switch layers, string those combos together and halt the clock for a while! Lockstitch shows just what tremendous fun platforming at speed can be when it’s done as well and as smoothly as this.


    Lockstitch delivers another impressive level for us to feast our eyes on. Race your way through this garbage dump, although, as far as dumps go, this one is very well maintained. As usual, the design is flawless and the game play mechanics, well, you'll love all the contraptions lockstitch uses to hurl you onwards and upwards towards your destination; obstacles that fall into place at just the right time, bounce pads that seem to come out of nowhere to help you reach the next area, all meticulously created with awesome results. Warning, you may need a towel handy to wipe up the drool after playing this level. If you haven't already, go queue it now.


     STAR WARS: A New Hope: Chapter One: err...Etc! (Special Edition)
    by  julesyjules
    Save the galaxy! Again!! Story based platformer, best enjoyed in single player...

    Well, what explanation can there be for both of julesyjules’s Star Wars levels being in the same Spotlight other than that the Force has to be behind it somewhere? *nods sagely, Obi-wan style* Wait, what, you think it might be coincidence and the fact that they’re both superb levels? Tsk, some people just have no soul! There is, however, no disputing the brilliance on show here. As ever, julesyjules excels at weaving gameplay seamlessly and naturally into the story and making you feel an integral part of the tale. It’s a great mix of superbly detailed Star Wars backgrounds, laugh out loud cutscenes and great gameplay. I defy anyone not to have a blast, swinging from spanners and bouncing around trying to clear up the oil spill in the workshop or watching the Jawa whip out their grabinators to carry off R2 and CP3O. Story-based platforming at its stellar best.


    JulesyJules Star Wars levels are some of the best around. This is a must play for fans of the movies, heck, even if you hated the movies, you have got to play it. This level is a perfect blend of amazing visuals, brilliant gameplay and humour that only JulesyJules could dish out. The adventure begins aboard the Star Destroyer where you will escape via an escape pod and land in the desert of Tatooine. Platform your way thru a stellar remake of a Sand Crawler, replete with a cool mini-game, and rescue your kidnapped droids. For fun and adventure in a great retelling of a classic story, look no further than this one here.


     Wicked Woodworks
    by  se-mi92
    A pure platformer level. Can be hard at some points or while lags. I hope you enjoy ;) Much thanks are going to LFiers, Ancestral_Sin and ichliebemarc

    No story, no plot twist, no character dialog...No Problem! Se-mi92 puts us into this wonderfully crafted level with a beautiful artistic feel to it. There are plenty of cleverly designed contraptions to amaze you as you run and bounce you way thru this platformer. The title may say "wicked" but I had almost a tranquil mood while playing this and every time I jumped on a bounce pad, I just had to smile. You'll be cheating yourself if you miss out on this one.


    This level comes close to platforming perfection. It’s like being inside a beautiful gold and green Faberge egg, full of intricate mechanisms which work like clockwork, hidden nooks and crannies and the odd surprise. Panels open and platforms slide in and out with the precision of a masterpiece created by the Imperial jeweller himself. The gameplay flows beautifully too as your path criss-crosses back on itself and winds in and out of all the layers. The focus here is on the gameplay but it’s nicely complimented by the simple but stylish visuals. I was so glad to have an excuse to go back and replay this level - pure class.


     Essence of Madness
    by  Foofles
    *Very large levels - be patient during download.* 2 Gameplay modes - Corridor Mode: DPad to move, R1 to shoot, L1 to use your blade. Cursor Mode: L Stick or D Pad to move, X to click, and R1/L1 to switch cursor type. Press square at anytime to access your inventory. In this sequel to Corridors of Madness, we rejoin our captain after successfully evading the alien attack on the LBP Federation Starship Goliath. Dark forces still lurk throughout the galaxy, there is no telling what horrible dangers await!

    Join us as we continue the 'Madness' adventure in Foofles' sequel to 'Corridors of Madness'. After successfully escaping in the previous chapter, our captain is flung into hot water once again, as they crash land on a mysterious (and suitably treacherous) terrain in the depths of space. Foofles combines the previous dungeon-crawler mechanic with a more 'point-and-click' feel, resulting in a really immersive (and often hilarious) experience. The possibility of multiple endings and a plethora of humorous dialogue make this level feel unique every time you play it. You'll just want to come back again and again... and again!


    Excuse me while I scrape my brains off the floor, because Foofles just blew my mind! I can't believe what I just played. This level, dare I call it a level? I mean in all honesty, this is stand alone game. This is a great throwback to the games of old and brought back fond memories of playing this style of first person point n click corridor shooter on PC. This has it all, humorous and well done voice acting, superb visual effects, well crafted characters, engaging gameplay, the list goes on and on. Our intrepid hero (you) has crash landed on a hostile alien planet and dares to venture into a dangerous labyrinth full of creatures at every turn. Can you blast and cut your way to freedom? Just see if you can beat me to it, because I have to go play it again!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!
    • [LBP2] For a wonderful recreation of a classic board game, complete with solid AI and move compatibility, check out LBP Checkers by comishguy67.
    • [LBP2] Another brilliant LBPC4 contender. This level makes great use of the gravinator, a nifty device which allows you to become weightless for a moment. Have fun giving it a whirl in The Weary Warehouse (LBPC4) by SX_Shookie99.
    • [LBP2] Break out of prison and begin to jump, grab and climb your way through breathtaking arabic scenery in Isfahan by Syroc.
    • [LBP2] Gasp in awe and wonder as you make your way through this fantastic platformer. With its stunning visuals and excellent game play, you'll enjoy every minute in Stone Eden by mcdonald1967.
    • [LBP2] Stunning silhouette visuals make a gorgeous backdrop for your journey through this level controlling a steampunk-esque bot and overcoming the obstacles in your way. A challenging and unique experience is on offer in (LBPC4) BOT, The Industrial Wastes by lordwarblade.
    • [LBP2] Spectacular visuals and solid platforming await you in this preview of what is sure to be an excellent story. Grapple and swing your way thru A Heart of Stone: Preview by SolidNInja2020.
    • [LBP2] Smooth controls and slick looks mean that fans of the boardgame PLOY will love this masterful re-make - PLOY (2P Strategy Board Game) by Kong_Angantyr.
    • [LBP2] Tighten those seatbelts because you're going for the ride of your life in this brilliant top down racer. Try to eliminate your opponents before they get you and be first to cross the finish line in Velox Nation by Ostler5000.
    • [LBP2] Grab a friend and get using some cool Star Wars style force powers to beat this absorbing and fun puzzler - Push/Pull by Sock_Pasta_Rock.
    • [LBP2] Have you got steady hands? Then you’ll love this superb topdown score challenge where control and nerve are key - Squared by SneakySteve1983.
    • [LBP2] Hangman meets pub quiz meets LBP2! Have a blast beating your friends in this fun twist on the classic hangman game - Hangman v1.1 by comishguy67.

    And last but not least, levels of note from our ever-shrinking backlog!
    • [LBP2] Stunning silhouette visuals, custom music and some clever ICO style puzzles to solve with your Sackgirl companion make The Story Isn't Over by JonnysToyRobot a level not to be missed.
    • [LBP2] Grab your hardhat and descend into the mines to help rescue the trapped miners. Solve some excellent puzzles, avoid the hazards and eventually turn off the gas – there’s just so much to do and explore in The Mines: The Descent by BraindG.
    • [LBP2] Ever wished you could clone yourself just to get through your work faster? This level shows what might happen if you did. You’ll love the ingenious Sackbot related puzzles and fun cutscenes in A Clone of my Own - Part One. by faulky.
    • [LBP2] Block Adventure by hm83 is a great puzzle game, requiring you to solve many key-based conundrums to finish.
    • [LBP2] This is a very macabre level with a good story and horrific, but in a good way, visuals. Good game play elements also abound in Devon: Part 2 by Qrii_Nakari.
    • [LBP2] See how long you can last in this simple but addicting mini game. Warning, things get really, really fast in the Super Rollinator! [1 Player] by mnel01.
    • [LBP2] Are you looking for that perfect piece of music for your masterpiece? Do you need an original composition or maybe a remake of your favorite video game? Then come to the well organized gallery of nk827's Music Laboratory by nk827.
    • [LBP2] You must rely on your aim with the grabinator to solve the puzzles within and make your way through the beautiful Waterfall Caverns by hitman_472.
    • [LBP2] Find a way to break into The Golithe Temple by Shifty_54 and rescue your friend. But beware, many dangers and mysteries guard the path...
    • [LBP2] Stealth and quick reactions are key as you assume the role of Nathan Drake in this fine remake of Uncharted 2 - Break and Enter by Sabre_.
    • [LBP2] Where are you and why are you here? Unexpecter gives us the next chapter in a great story with superb scenery and top notch voice acting in A Perfect World by Unexpecter.
    • [LBP2] Rawr! Some tremendous dinosaurs and genuinely fun platforming make for a winning combination in The Ancient Land of Dinosaurs by Art_of_Tyler.

    PSP Spotlight

    Catastrophe by WoodburyRaider/WoodburyRaider
    A global crisis left you searching for answers. Try and piece everything together in the snowy mountains of Russia.

    WoodburyRaider's presentation in 'Catastrophe' is astounding. It's a perfect blend of gorgeous visuals, engaging gameplay, and RPG-like elements that add immense replay value; you just don't see this stuff often on the PSP. To take a snowy unique walk away from the norm, Catastrophe is one not to miss.


    The snowy peaks of Russia aren't usually the most inviting places in the world, but Woodbury has managed to turn them into a wonderful playground for sackboy with his gameplay. Furthermore it's a feast for the eyes as the visuals are very complementary to this excellent level. It may not be winter yet, but grab your snow boots and take a hike thorough this wonderful level.


    The Unknown part 2 by himoks/johnbonbon
    Sacky wakes up in a strange cave. He goes to find his friends and discovers the strange place.

    It's been a while since himoks published part 1, I had my expectations high for this sequel, and was still blown away. The Unknown part 2 is an excellent adventure packed with some of the most original puzzles, material choices, and platforming around! Even when you're finished you'll want to reload and experience it all over again.


    The description promises a strange level - but it's a fun-filled adventure that will greet you, hyped with mystery and story! himoks is certainly a name you should already know, and if you don't then this is a great place to get hooked on the original and fun gameplay prominent throughout all of himoks' levels.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the PSP Spotlight and still looking for more?
    This level stands out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check it out!

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    Awesome spotlight!
    Just when I was running out of levels to play.

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    It said 69 one moment and then 70 the next!!
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    Great to see my Bot level got a mention in the list of levels

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    Another awesome spotlight!
    It is a huge honor to be spotlighted in the 70 spotlight episode
    And congrats to all who got spotlighted
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    Great work and congrats to the creators!
    Every time I see a new spotlight I'm like geez! Another 2 week have passed already?
    Thanks a lot. the new logo
    Great work NightAngel

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    Awesome spotlight.
    Good to know that the psp side has levels this time.
    thanks everyone who is involved!
    Check out my Levels: [PSP]
    PacMan (survival challenge) *spotlighted* Page 1 of Highest Rated
    Blizzard (survival challenge) *spotlighted*
    machinery mayhem (Survival Challenge)
    Across the Hilltops *new!*

    coming soon: ???

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    Congratulations to all!
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    Congrats to all of this episode's spotlighted levels. Great to see LFiers', ALS_TheGamer's and ATMLVE's super epic LBPC4 levels, some great backlog levels, Slurm's Move level and two of Julesyjules' Star Wars err...etc levels made a spotlight debut. They all deserve it.

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    Enter The Void! nysudyrgh's Avatar
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    No ... No ... Noooooooooooooo-
    It was my dream to have this spotlight, coz 70 is mah fave number.
    And now I failed ... *Sobs*
    Sniff ... A congrats to the guys who DID get a spotlight.
    Good job guys. :ThumbsUp:
    *Goes crying in a corner*

    Levels PSP:
    Steam *Spotlighted**Highest Rated Page 6*|The Tree Of Life *Spotlight Nod*|Russian Rocks *Spotlighted*|The Gravity Caves *Spotlighted*

    Levels PSVITA:
    Nys Labs OmniCircle Battle|[VCC] Nys Labs Christmas Edition|[PLCC5] The Sketchlands *Spotlighted*|Tumblewood Cliffs (Coming Late)|BOMBS AWAY!(Coming Soon)

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    It was good. WoodburyRaider's Avatar
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    Awesome work again. Thanks for the spotlight guys and that's a great banner Night Angel.
    Spotlighted PSP levels: Crisis, Catastrophe, Ceasefire, Chase, Collateral, Castaway, Contagion, Cruise 3D
    Shoutout to VelcroJonze, Taffey, anoken, Cory#s, nysudyrgh, AFP, alismuffin, Schark, Pulparindo15, doggy97, darcyh, himoks, JetArtois, Coxy, Ricky-III, BlackWolfe, MrObycek, comphermc, eagerneph, unc92sax, and everyone else. Thank you for being a great community!

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    Hello everybody... Im glad to see my level here in the community spotlight 70,get me surprised!! Reviews like these make me still creating and try get better for share fun to the nice community of LBP.
    Thank you very much spotlight crew for pick my level and congratulations to the picked creators.I hope everybody have fun with these levels and with mine too of course.
    PS: The new Spotlight logo is amazing,looks fresh and original,greak work,Night Angel.
    Last edited by ALS_TheGamer; 10-16-2011 at 08:45 PM.

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    Great spotlight with great levels! Great job guys and gals

    5 NEW LEVELS?!? Tale of the Block-Kingdom continues!!

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    LBPCentral Spotlight CrewLBPCentral Spotlight Crew rialrees's Avatar
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    Great work as always to everyone who's been featured this time round, you never cease to amaze me with your talents!

    Speaking of talent, thanks again to Nightangel for the awesome new banners! I think I'm in love with them!

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    Inactive, sorry. Valeview's Avatar
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    Great Spotlight..but i've noticed a lack of creator there a reason for this?
    Follow me on Twitter @ValesView.

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    Awesome new logo! Thanks Spotlight crew for bringing us another fantasitc episode. Big shout out to my buddies LFiers, ALS_TheGamer, ATMLVE, julesyjules, and Microhamster. Julesyjules new level is amazing and I would really like to see it get an MM Pick ribbon wrapped around it. As for the contest entries from LFiers, ALS_TheGamer, and ATMLVE, I really enjoyed playtesting for you guys and they are all so good that anyone of you have a great chance at winning. Microhamster, why didn't you tell me about your level? I will play as soon as I can. Congratulations to everyone spotlghted and remember happy gadders.... "Play, Create, and Share".

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    Too many good levels! Not enough time!

    Thanks to the awesome spotlight team and congrats to the amazing creators
    Follow me on Twitter - @DaSpoonyLBP

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    Congratulations creators! So appreciative of the hard work you guys do to make these awesome levels for us to enjoy. That's really what LBP is all about!

    Thanks too to the spotlight crew! 70 episodes later and still going strong!

    Quote Originally Posted by Valeview View Post
    Great Spotlight..but i've noticed a lack of creator there a reason for this?
    The creator spotlight crew has been busy in their real lives and are on an extended break. Let's hope they start them up again.
    Last edited by Morgana25; 10-17-2011 at 08:35 AM.

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    Wow! Great job on the Spotlight. You guys are amazing!
    I better queue some levels now!

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    Epic Tracks Audio RickRock_777's Avatar
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    To the Spotlight all deserve something very special and grand...significantly more than my simple THANKS can convey. Your selfless efforts keep this amazing community shining.

    I just played through a difficult section of ATMLVE's "Melting Heat" and found it exhilerating. Bravo on the platformimg twists!

    And congrats to every creator for your levels mentioned above. I'm looking forward to playing as many of them as I can.

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