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    Default What happened to the creator spotlights? :/

    It may have been said somewhere but I couldn't find why the creator spotlights stopped dead in march. It's pretty cool to get each creators detailed opinions on their creating and the game in general in a long interview, so it's a bit disappointing that you guys stopped.

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    This is what jwwphotos said in the thread for Episode 68 of the Community Spotlight when someone asked a similar question

    Yeah.. sorry about the missing Creator Spotlights. I feel terrible about not keeping them going, but it just takes more time than anyone realizes to do the interview and even more towards the video. Plus I am horribly picky at what we do. lol Some never realize that something that takes 15 minutes to watch might have taken over two months of set creation, special effects creation, writing, acting, editing, sound production and music selection. On the creator videos alone, sometimes we end up with 3 hours of recording to somehow have to boil it down to 10 minutes or so.. just a painful experience as you want to keep it all, but it is simply an editing nightmare.

    Meanwhile, my team has dwindled down to almost nothing, the ones that remain are really busy with their own lives and I have been horribly busy as well and recently sick the past month or so with hay fever. Summer is always my busy time of year due to all the events I go out of town to photograph... and I also moved to a new house this year. Just a bad bad year for any free time. What little I have is just posting on this site from time to time.

    The good news is we do have a few in the planning and creation stage. Once I get past my last race photo gig of the season next week and done with all the pics to my magazines and website, I "should" actually have some time to start on some PS3 fun for all of you. ..and maybe even a work on new level that might make you all smile.
    Fingers crossed, then!

  3. Thanks!

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    Dam, asked on the latest one, not me sorry lol
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    Question answered.


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