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    Of course people still play lbp1. You get less plays a lbp2. you get 2 plays a day at lbp2, at lbp1 you get like 10 plays every minute, even some people still play lbp psp. Lbp2 have the brains but lbp1 haves the heart.

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    I don't have LBP2 so I couldn't say for certain but isn't it easier for LBP1 levels to get more plays becuase both audiences have access to it whereas only LBP2 owners can play LBP2 levels?

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    Yep, I still play. Went through the campaign to get all the collectables, but still log on every fortnight or so to check for levels, and to work on my own LBP1 level (which I never finished, and am committed to getting published one day in the distant, distant future :P)

    Like people have said, the level creator has a different feel to it in the first game, quite a bit less about logic so it's worth a blast every now and again

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    I bougth lbp2 mainly cause the logic (piston logic) in lbp1 was to slow for the stuff I wanted to do. I made a something that worked only ones in the 3-4 cycles it made. That and some other things made me bougth lbp2. And after buying I only played lbp1 to play with friend that don't have lbp2 and to get 100% goodies ^^
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    Well, I'm still playing little big planet 1

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    Holy crap. I just published a level in LBP1, and it got hundreds of plays in just a few hours ( ). LBP1 isn't dead at all !

    Count Hackensack's Super Duper Hard Castle of Doom! *Spotlight nod*
    Sea Snake Safari! *Spotlight nod*
    Escape from Orion 3!
    Wake up the Forest! *Spotlight nod*

    Need logic help? Feel free to ask! In this level you can get some of the stuff i made for myself or other people!

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    I was working on getting 100% on it yesterday... I only got the first game this past spring and 2 at the start of summer. There were loads of people listed for every level I saw posted on screen, (I was in Canyons finishing up "the mines")
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