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    Default Heart of Darkness-Remake

    Hello everyone! im here with another level of mines and is my first move level! this level is a recreation of my original level heart of darkness that i made in only 1 week. This time i recreated it with better visuals, gameplay, and music. You have to jump, run, claim your way thought the forest and down into the dark mines and find what is lurking in the darkness.

    Here are some pics:

    Enjoy everyone! any bugs or comment please leave it bellow
    If you want me to try out your move level or normal level leave me a comment ok ^_^
    Here is my original level!

    Thanks love

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    The original was really awesome, even if it had some minor flaws in gameplay (some odd layer switching during jumps)
    Really curious to see this new version

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaSlayer View Post
    The original was really awesome, even if it had some minor flaws in gameplay (some odd layer switching during jumps)
    Really curious to see this new version
    Trust me this version is 100X better that the original version, the gameplay, visuals, and music will blow your mind away

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    Looks amazing, i would like to play but unfortuntley i am without move.
    But if i may ask was

    Made using the move paint tool and move materials? if so..I need to get it lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valeview View Post
    Looks amazing, i would like to play but unfortuntley i am without move.
    But if i may ask was

    Made using the move paint tool and move materials? if so..I need to get it lol
    Is understandable that not everyone has the move, even move levels that get Mm pick only get around 5,000 plays.
    Anyways the painting is a sticker but I use both sticker and move tool to make it even better ^_^

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    I played through this level earlier today. At first I didn't realize that you could pick up the rocks on the right to knock down the bridge so I played through the level linked at the start of this one. (Which was still fun and well done level by the way.)

    But back to this level I noticed a few things on my play through and I'll go through my notes as I wrote them up.

    In the intro cinematic, the one with the ladybug and ants there is a green circle moving up the tree. I'm not sure what that was.

    The intro cinematic gets triggered over and over again if you move away from the start checkpoint and back again. I ran through the scene probably 5 times as I poked around, jumping up the rocks to the left and so on.

    The ants and the animation at this point was very nice, adds an organic feel to the section.

    I noticed at the first, uh, circle, green light nozzle thing dispenser that you can put one of the cute little guys on the ground, jump on it then into the can that is behind the red button. Once in you can't get out without suiciding. I don't think people will do this in the normal course of the game though, just pointing it out.

    The 2X section was a bit tricky figuring out what needs to be done mostly because I keep forgetting that you can pick up other players and move them around with the Move. From there it wasn't too much more poking to figure out what needed to be done. (The dino's comment is great and is another of the small things that make the level fun.)

    Later on in the level after you bounce up the very long shaft there a checkpoint with the closed door on the left and the path to the right you follow to open the door. The front thick layer just to the left of the shaft and going out to the hamster tube seems to have a material tweaker on it set to 0% friction. Running on this is the same as glass and I'm not sure it is intended.

    Also at this hamster tube bit, you are supposed to go into it to be shot out to the left but if you jump up and to the left you can switch to the back layer and run to the left a little. There is an opening in the background layer that the player can fall down to an earlier part of the level.

    After being shot out to the left there is the part where you pull down the log to head up to the boss fight. At this point if you jump down to the log underneath that platform and run off of it to the left you will get stuck in the area underneath it. You cannot layer shift to get out of there due to it being in the front layer and higher then the surrounding area.


    I didn't find all sorts of bad things in the level but I noticed some sections I thought you'd like to know about. There was a lot of great things that I liked in the level. The elevator that you descend into the underground area that falls apart is a great segment. The circle, glowy, faucet thingy is a great design and fun to play with.

    There was a wide range of puzzle and platforming elements and the level is a long journey that felt satisfying to finish.

    The boss sequence was a great part. It was long though but keep me laughing and on my toes. Just as I figured that I was in for a long wait running to the same part of the level to avoid a threat you changed the attack pattern. You let the player get a bit comfortable, herding them into safe zones that you later attack.

    There is one attack sequence that I do not know how to survive though. It is the center pillar attack that has fireballs shooting out from the sides and fireballs streaming down from the ledges. I'm sure there is a right way but I haven't found it yet.

    The variety in hand attacks was great, the hands, as well as the whole boss sequence is very well constructed and visually appealing with the different thin/thick/theck?/thack? layers.

    Great level, good work.

    If you are able I'd appreciate it if you could provide some feedback on my latest level, Darkhallow Homecoming. Link to it is in my signature. Cheers.

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    Thank you soooo much for the review, wow i haven't read a huge review like that and i love it. Thank you for explain all the bugs in detail, i will fix them right away!
    Also I will be glad to put a review for your level both in your level and thread ^_^

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    Nice Move level. Filled with good environment and gameplay.

    The level has really good details of the forest and cave, and it has impressive animation of the bugs. The level also has good sticker material usage.

    Great music choices, including the sequenced musics from Move pack.

    The usage of the Brain Crane, when using it to move the bomb-like character and other obstacles, is great. Although there are certain parts around the boss battle that needs to be fixed. Before going against the boss, the tube with the bounce pad inside needs to be moved to the right a bit more, so that players can enter it much better. During the battle, when I move the bomb-like character into the right side of the tube, the boss didn't receive damage until I noticed that the bomb is still in the tube. You need to extend the radius of the trigger. Also, after defeating the boss when I tried to get to the elevator by going left, I suddenly got killed by an invisible gas right before I entered the elevator.

    Despite that the boss battle needs some fixes, the level has neat visuals and solid gameplay. A yay.

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    Thanks for the review XD

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    O___O I only played the remake

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