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    Default Community Spotlight Episode 73

    Welcome everyone to this fortnight’s edition of awesome, inspiring and super cool levels plucked at great expense and enormous personal risk from the Level Showcase. We only hope you have as much fun playing them as we had picking them!

    Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of the PSP Crew, this episode’s PSP spotlight will have to be postponed until the next episode. Sincere apologies and (if you’re not risk averse...) free cookies personally baked by the PSP Crew for any PSP creator inconvenienced by this.

     ArabesQue: Odyssey To The East
    by  RoombelinaUK
    You are Sultana Scheherazade and you will tell the story of a traveler who witnessed the effects of greed, lust, and deception in the great lands of Al-Aaqrab. From flowing silk, musky-scented nights, and gorgeous architecture to deadly catacombs and the scorching heat of the oriental Sun itself; experience Arabia. Many thanks to coasterfreak1235 for his tremendous logic help. -Leklack as Scheherazade & MuddledMuppet as Shahriyar.

    I was entranced with this series from the get go. The opening cinematics were extremely well done with a great story and fantastic voice acting. It made me want to break out the popcorn, it was so good. Once you get to the gameplay portion, wow, oh wow, the great cinematics continue amid wonderful scenery and a very atmospheric environment. The gameplay can get challenging, but with so many details thrown into an epic storyline, you won't mind. The story is just that engaging. Get the microwave popcorn ready and embark on your Odyssey to the East.


    This is a stunning and ambitious level series. From the opening scene with Scheherazade beguiling the Sultan with another Tale from the Arabian Nights you’ll be engrossed in its intriguing story and lost in wonder at the beauty of the scenery. But perfumed nights with belly dancers and minarets silhouetted against a star strewn sky soon give way to sinister catacombs littered with spiked skulls and fiendish contraptions. The gameplay – platforming and puzzles - is inventive, challenging at times and beautifully integrated into the story. All of Arabia is here: sights, sounds, scents...OK, slight exaggeration there! There’s even a giant, majestic, yeah, lack of scent may be a good thing after all! Seriously, though, this is an outstanding work of art. RoomebelinaUK has created a whole world of mystery and beauty, so get exploring. You won’t regret it.


     Bearry Button's Mansion (part 1)
    by  Z1091990
    : : : 1PLAYER ONLY : : : READ DESCRIPTION : : : : DIFFICULT EASY-MEDIUM : bearry button got maybe the biggest collection of buttons in whole craftworld but he lost his favourite button can you help him to get him back? also you can collect some brown buttons for more points (each button 500 points) so far have fun and enjoy it...

    If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a real treat! Bearry Button has lost his antique button, the pride and joy of his collection, and he asks for your help in retrieving it. Throughout the level, you can feast your eyes upon a wonderfully stylistic environment, every nook and cranny covered in the doo-dads and thingamabobs usually associated with a seamstress' kit. Bounce, grapple and grab your way to the finish line, meeting a new challenge at every step. The platforming here is bold and simplistic, which only makes it more fun, being completely solid and intuitive from the very start. By the end, you'll have cotton reels in your eyes!


    Uh oh! Mr. Button has gone and lost his prized button and guess who he tasks with finding it? Yep. Sackboy to the rescue! Step into this marvelously designed world of buttons, thread spools and patchwork wonder. The platforming here is fantastic and seems to get a little more challenging the deeper you go. The obstacles are cleverly crafted and while tough at times, are fun and rewarding. With a little focus you'll be acing this in no time. For a uniquely designed level with great pacing, fun gameplay and a nice even flow, head on over to Bearry Button's Mansion.


     Timeless Asylum
    by  bikerider12
    Time is endless... the ways to escape... are not. Level badge by Jedi_Brad and music by Nk827 UPDATE: Small bugs fixed and the race

    In the Timeless Asylum, you need to keep your wits about you, and your eyes wide open. This level makes fantastic use of layer switching and the occasional taste of physics-based mini-puzzles to thrill and excite you. It feels like the whole level is simply out to get you at times especially one bit where... oh no, I don't want to give that away. And this other time, the air ducts.... Oh no. I won't tell you that either. What I will say is that you will certainly get sucked in by the wonderfully dismal atmosphere and satisfyingly challenging gameplay in this level – a great piece!


    Dang, Bikerider just wowed me again with this fantastic platformer. The level is masterfully designed and full of those little extra details that, if you are not careful, you'll miss. He'll have you weaving in and out of the gameplay area in order to solve puzzles to get to the next section. There's also a nice balance of challenging and basic platforming sections and the variety in gameplay mechanics will have you wishing it wouldn't end. I loved the whole atmosphere of this level and was sad when I reached that scoreboard, as I wanted more of the Timeless Asylum.


    Bikerider is certainly carving a niche for himself as a master of the puzzle-platformer genre. Timeless Asylum is a gem of a level – so tightly designed, such brilliant use of all the layers. A clever, intricate maze of a level where the creator challenges you to puzzle your way forward and where thinking outside the box is a must. Great lighting – a lovely muted glow – and simple, understated visuals give this underground labyrinth plenty of atmosphere and the custom music only adds to it. The thinking Sack’s platformer if ever there was one. Bikerider almost had me stumped at one point but even if it looks like there’s just no way out, believe me there is. There’s plenty of variety in the gameplay and the race at the end changes up the pace nicely. This is one of those levels that’s all round satisfying to play. Bikerider is proving himself to be a creator to watch!


     INFERNO 2 - prevent the DOOMSDAY
    by  siege299792
    Your mission is simple: It's nothing less than preventing the extermination of the world !!! The entire level is an underground laboratory nearby the CORE of the EARTH. The visuals are filled with lots of fire- electric- and plasmaeffects. The story is presented with plenty video sequences. Gameplay: Jumping over burning gorges, evading flashes, fighting against turrets, steering a spaceship over burning magmafields and an amazing BOSSFIGHT !!!

    We begin our adventure witnessing a massive volcanic eruption and the ensuing activation of a strange device, then we are greeted by one of the coolest ways to enter a level that I have seen in a long time! We find ourselves deep within the Earth and all heck is breaking loose. There's a real sense of urgency here and as we move along we find out that the eruption caused a "Doomsday" device to activate and we are the only ones who can save humanity. That sense of urgency you felt at the beginning, it just got ramped up to level 10. The level is filled with some of the most intriguing contraptions and obstacles you could find and you'll need to keep your wits about you if you are to complete your goal. The device will do everything it can to thwart your attempts, so tread carefully because there are no fire extinguishers in Inferno 2.


    So.. if you're going to build a device that can blow up the entire Earth where would you put it? That doesn't matter right now though as some crazy fool put one right under an active volcano.. which just erupted and yeah.. Somehow you're smack bang in the middle of it all and you seem to be only one around. So it's up to you to save the day.. or rather world. If you think it sounds like a dangerous mission, you would be absolutely right. With lava, falling rocks and mad turrets that pop out of everywhere in this high tech facility, it's not easy by any stretch of the imagination. All the while you seem to dive deeper underground into more treacherous areas. It literally feels like a journey to the centre of the Earth, but no kids, there isn't a whole other world down there. There's fire, and lots of it! But that's not all, impressive contraptions are lined throughout making this a plenty fun platformer to play.


    A level with both “inferno” and “doomsday” in its title has got a lot to live up to in terms of providing adrenalin-fuelled action but this level delivers in spades. Explosions, volcanic eruptions, an exhilarating plunge through the earth’s core in an elevator are only some of the adventures that await you. Siege299792 uses every special effect in the book to create a tremendous atmosphere of danger and suspense, as you battle against time and a deadly machine to save the world. Apocalyptic, action-packed and above all just great fun to play, this is a level which will have you gripped from start to finish.


     The Explorers
    by  CYMBOL
    Explore a treacherous, uncharted planet. . . scout the area for precious energy cells. (L3 to skip Intro/Tutorial) 1 PLAYER. Original Custom Soundtrack - Comishguy67. Logic Design for Bug Trails & Mobilized Counter - Kingsofstreet. Green Sackbot Alien-DJBon3sATerp/ Fire Bug Decoration-iiNunsmash3r

    You find yourself in an alien environment, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, and you are given the task of seeking out strange new life forms, to boldly go where no sackthing has gone before. Except you don't have to wear the ugly uniform so often associated with such endeavours. CYMBOL makes fantastic use of powerups, granting their abilities to you only when they are really needed – real success relies heavily on exploration (as the title may have already clued you in on.) You will probably find yourself returning time and time again to improve your score and find everything this level has to offer – and that is the whole joy of it. A new thing to see around every corner. A masterpiece.


    Beauty and danger lurk hand in hand on this uncharted planet so as a new recruit to the Explorers you will need all your wits about you. It’s a beauty that’ll lure you inexorably into exploring every nook and cranny, your jaw heading ever closer to the floor as each new vista unfolds and you encounter yet more of the fabulous creatures inhabiting this world. In complete contrast to the slick, stylish visuals of Jumper, this level has a wonderfully organic, natural feel to it and it melds perfectly with the cave background. Bags of treasure hunting and exploration gameplay cut with some cool platforming and clever power-ups make playing this level a genuinely enthralling experience. The background story is engaging too and the level ends on a skin-crawlingly scary note as you find yourself abandoned in...well, I won’t spoil the story by telling you – go find out for yourselves! My only regret is that I didn’t get to ride in the super cool oscillating vehicle piloted by my guide! Ah well, just another reason to wait eagerly for part 2.


    Someone get me a mop, I just drooled all over the floor! Wow! I hardly know what to say about this, as it has left me almost speechless. A few words spring to mind. Gorgeous being one of them. Cymbol has really outdone himself with this beautiful rendition of an alien world. The environment is lush with vegetation and varying alien creatures that are both harmful and helpful to you. As you explore this magnificent world you'll encounter many unique and challenging gameplay elements and will have a geniunely good time searching out those elusive energy cells. It amazes me that this was built within the confines of Little Big Planet. This is a really great adventure that you should not let pass you by. Play it, play it now.


    • Backlog Spotlights:

     Demented Doodles 3: The Final Scribble
    by  RiCKy-BoBBy91
    My Doodles 2 level was just plain awful so I began the 3rd level way back in LBP1 but never finished it. I decided to pick it up again in LBP2 and finish it up with some of the new features we got in the 2nd game. Hope you enjoy Doodles 3. :) (SINGLE PLAYER RECOMMENDED) 2nd PART I HAVE DELETED!

    Imagine you could build a level completely consisting of the characters you used to doodle on your homework dissertation staff handbook entirely useless bits of scrap paper. *Cough*. Well that's exactly what Ricky-Bobby91 has done here – this project, started in LBP1, is filled to the brim with a whole mish mash of charismatic doodles, plucked directly from the mind of the creator himself. The charm of these monochromatic miscellanies will be sure to make you grin from ear to ear, and the way Ricky has combined them into an interesting and varied platformer only elevates this above your run-of-the-mill art showcase. It's like running through a Jon Burgerman cartoon – love it.


    I love Ricky-Bobby's doodle levels. They always remind me of the drawings I did in class while the teacher was droning on about something or other. Probably why I'm not a brain surgeon now, but I digress. This level is chock full of drawings like a stick figure superman, and alien spaceships, bug eyed creatures, giant emoticons and just doodles that you'd find yourself drawing on a piece of paper, but brought to life somehow. This kind of reminded me of Dr. Seuss in a way and while the art looks like it was drawn by a kindergarten kid, trust me, it's no kid's level. The platforming is fun, varied and in some places even challenging. From start to finish this was a joy to play and I look forward to more creations from the mind that brought us Demented Doodles.


     Secret of the Desert Intro
    by  AngelorD129
    It is said that deep beneath the desert sands lies the entrance to the temple of truth. Find the legendary temple to uncover it's 1000 year old secret. This is a short preview of the level, please rate and comment.

    Upon entering this level you may be confused at first due to the simplistic design and lack of substance. Well, you are in the desert after all, what did you expect? After locating a couple of switches things get pretty interesting though. The ground shakes and a huge structure arises from beneath the sand. Hello, What's this? As you enter, be amazed at the wonderful architectural design of this level and how almost every switch you come upon, sets in motion a massive contraption of moving walls and platforms. Saarraz has done an incredible job through music, lighting and sounds to create a fantastic atmospheric level. Load this level and go seek the Secret of the Desert.


    Time for a change of pace with this one. Sit back and enjoy the reactions of pulling switches to delve down into this mysterious temple in the middle of a desert. It might start small and it may not be action packed with explosions but the movements of the various layers as you get deeper are really impressive and immersive. They only seem to get more and more elaborate the further you go. It genuinely feels like some big structure buried in the sand that all moves together to reveal paths to your destination. The use of sounds and light give a nice atmosphere. So if you're looking for something atmospheric, calm and intriguing, I highly recommend playing through this one.


     Wizard: Chapter 1 - From Within - [1P ONLY]
    by  comphermc
    You control a young wizard as he fights monsters, demons, and those pesky out of reach platforms. Can you take down the evil wizard... from within? [Note: playing with more than one person may cause level linking or performance issues. Be warned] All music was created by hilightnotes. Special thanks to Morgana25. Love to:

    I know just about everyone and their grandma has already played this level, but for those of you new to the wonders of LBP2, feast your ears on this! Comphermc created more than a level with this brilliantly crafted world. You play as a wizard who has infiltrated this castle under the guise of being captured. We find out very quickly that we have some "wizard" abilities such as being able to aim our wand and shoot magic fireballs, and you'll be shooting a lot of fireballs because there is a host of monsters that will need to be dispatched in order to reach your goal. In this chapter we learn the ins and outs of our abilities through instructions given in subtitles at just the right moments. As usual, Comphermc crafted a well detailed, action packed adventure with a nice variety of run and gun gameplay and good ole classic platforming. So get out your inner Harry Potter and go queue up the first chapter of Wizard.


    One of the joys of the “backlog” is rediscovering classic levels like this one and it’s just as impressive today as it was all those months ago. Comphermc has always excelled at pushing the boundaries of the possible within LBP and this level certainly did that. The sackbot AI works incredibly smoothly and all the different power-ups and moves are explained seamlessly as you play. A nicely detailed background, a fun story and lots of fighting and jump-rolling action make this a fully rounded game and not just a dry demonstration of logic skills. As I said at the time (nothing wrong with recycling a review *cough*), the highlight for me is the chase cutscene where the young wizard who only moments before had been awkwardly falling off platforms, suddenly acquires grace and skill and leaps in a spectacular fashion through the falling masonry. Sadly when the cutscene ends, he returns to his old clumsy ways – inexplicable really... Anyway, anyone who hasn’t already played this should remedy that and everyone else should remind themselves of what a gem it is.


    by  Sabre_
    Co-Created with L1GhTmArE. Journey through different environments and platform through hazardous areas to find the entrance of the village hidden in the mist.

    Step into a land of gorgeous waterfalls and beautiful caverns in this masterfully crafted level by Sabre_ and L1GhTmArE. Here's another one of those levels where I just stood in one spot to eat up all the eye candy being dished up. The level design is just exquisite and the different environments flow seamlessly from one area to the next. And as if that ain't enough, Sabre has thrown in some great game play to boot! I loved every minute of grappling, bouncing and swinging my way through this drool inducing level so much, that I've gone through it numerous times! I know you'll love it too, so go ahead, get out your cameras and head into the charming world of Vinery.


    It’s a real treat when platforming as polished as this is presented in such a beautiful setting. It’s like having your cake and eating it! Sabre_ and L1GhTmArE have excelled themselves on all fronts. The scenery is just gorgeous - shadowy caverns with cascades of shimmering water tumbling into an underground river, lush vines trailing everywhere and bunches of purple grapes hanging temptingly in your way. But these caverns are not as benign as they seem and there are traps and pitfalls aplenty to be avoided: clusters of crystals which turn out to have spikes hidden in their midst, a log ride down the river which turns into a fiery obstacle course and a laden fruit tree with an evil sense of humour. The gameplay has great pacing and the perfect balance of fun and challenge. The wine from this vinery is full-bodied, complex and has a great finish! Don’t miss out, get tasting!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] A super cool recreation of an 8-bit environment with stunning visuals and music which fits perfectly. You’ll have a blast jumping and bouncing around in 8-Bit Wonderland DEMO by mikemichaelmic.
    • [LBP2] Fly (yes, fly!) around Neverland as an Evil Peter Pan hunting down Lost Boys. Wonderfully beautiful and sinister at the same, there’s so much to explore and enjoy in (LBPC5) Peter Pan by tjaldex225.
    • [LBP2] Stunningly atmospheric with a superb intro, this level let’s you play as the puppet Pinnochio locked in combat with his evil puppet master. You’ll find a brilliant work of art with gloriously dark undertones in LBPC5 Lordwarblade's Pinnocchio by lordwarblade.
    • [LBP2] Another free-roaming gem of a level in this intriguing series. Hunt down chestnuts, kill the goblin guards and have fun exploring the beautiful gardens in Deliver me from Eve: Hollow Earth by pickled-punk.
    • [LBP2] Michael Jackson - Earth Song Music Video by Destiny_Waits is a wonderful LBP remake of the well known music video. Even a heart of stone couldn't resist the cute and cuddly creatures in here!
    • [LBP2] Climb up a magnificent tree, plunged into the depths of darkness, to reach the scoreboard. The Swinging Tree by pj15 is a great platformer, with quirky characters and immersive environments.
    • [LBP2] If you're up for a challenge (and enjoy hunting for assorted cakes) The Pretty Much Pointless Platformer by Hug-of-War will be sure to entertain you! Be aware, as there are plenty of pitfalls and taunting obstacles awaiting you!
    • [LBP2] Enjoy 4 different game modes with as many friends as you can squeeze in. Plonked inside of a disorientating satellite, you fight against the laws of gravity in the addictive Insane Apparatus by Ostler5000.
    • [LBP2] Enormous and frantic fun is to be had in this well designed and beautifully decorated bouncepad level. So race to the finish and try and nail that high score in Spry Jumps by Steel89ita.
    • [LBP2] Head out in your mini-submarine and don't forget to bring your fishy companion along! They'll be sure to prove useful while you explore Dark Frenzy Depths by The_Lil_JoKer.

    And last but not least, levels of note from our ever-shrinking backlog!

    • [LBP2] Think the life of a sheep dog is easy? Well here's your chance to find out. You need to guide your helpless sheep to their pens but they just don't want to go. Your sheep will be running every which way they can and might just drive you Flocking Crazy! by cRckls.
    • [LBP2] A great explosion filled level with plenty of platforming goodness. You'll have a "blast" as you produce bombs at will in a Pockets o'Bombs - The Mill by Elguerogigante.

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    have another great episode lined up here for you guys. Congratulations to everyone featured and thank-you to all the creators who published levels over the past 2 weeks. You have provided me with hours of fun and entertainment and I thank-you. Keep it up guys.


    Follow me on the twitterz @bioswoop

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    Thank you spotlight team for all of your comments, and the pick!
    I cant wait to play the other levels, i just havent been able to find any lately...

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    thank you very much spotlight team for choosen my level and congratulation to all the other picks everybody here deserve it also the honorable mention

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    <Insert witty location joke>


    I wasn't anticipating Insane Apparatus' to be featured, at all, TBQH.
    Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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    I move around alot


    Aw, thanks spotlight team, such kind words for my level.

    And I even saw one of you found every single energy cell in the level. Thanks for your dedication!

    I've played most of these, but still a good number I haven't gotten to.

    Thanks spotlight team. Your dedication to the members on this site always amazes me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you deserve a crown for your tireless work.

    Congrats to all.
    My first LBP2 Level - "Jumper"! Woohoo!

    First half of Jumper: (Thanks to Memodrix)

    YouTube video review of, "The Explorers".

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    Oh snap! I forgot Vinery was published during the Backlog Ages! Y'all kept it secret from me, heh XD Thanks for spotlighting our first work on LBP2 together. Hopefully you'll see more from us in the future.

    Also congrats to everyone spotlighted! All are well deserved We had a great time playing them these last 2 weeks. I just hope more people publish levels. The publish rate has gone down dramatically Hopefully that'll change in the nex few weeks so we'll have more to play!

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    Congrats to the spotlighted levels of this episode. Great to see some of my favorites, The Explorers, Berry Button's Mansion, Wizard- Chapter 1 and Vinery making a debut. Hope to see more levels in the next episode.
    LBPV Time Warp Chronicles Chapter 9
    LBP2 Final Platforming Project(Back in progress)
    LBPK Delta Funland(Back in progress)

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    Awesome Spotlight guys! (now to Publish A gizillion Levels In Time For the next One! >: D)
    I'm A PsP Creator Do I Gets cookies?!
    Follow me on Twitter @ValesView.

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    Thanks for another wonderful spotlight. The Spotlight Crew's dedication is so very appreciated in bringing us these lists time after time. I wanted to congratulate Cymbol on a jaw dropping experience that is The Explorers. I know how had he worked on it and the end result is amazing. And to think, this was the "light" version as oppossed to what he wanted originally. WOW! Speaking of light, Congrats to Sabre and L1ghtmare for the backlog spotlight. Vinery is a just perfect. One the best levels out this year. Seriously I wish all platformers were that kind of quality. I'll be sure to check these out as soon as I can. Take care, everyone.

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    LBPCentral Contest Crew LBPC Contest Crew ForgottenEnigma's Avatar
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    Sweet selection, glad you liked tj's peter pan... guess that means me and Evret kinda got semi spotlighted cause we co-created? well thats good enough for me

    Congrats to everyone else who got picked
    look forward to playing them


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    HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL IS OUT psyntens's Avatar
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    CONGRATULATIOOONS great work guys

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    thank you guys so much for for putting the peter pan lvl here im really glad you liked it=) congratz to all the other lvls that made it this time around, looking forward to play the once i missed bet their are awesome as alway great job guys^^
    feel free to try my new lvl series

    Any feedback will be very welcome^^

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    Thanks to the spotlight team for posting my level up on here, I really appreciate it. It's good to know that all my hard work didn't go to waste. I've played none of the other spotlights, but I certainly plan on doing so! Great job, guys!

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    Oh, I didn't congratulate yet
    Good work everyone!
    Some really insane stuff in this episode.

    Sig by FJT

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