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    Default Levels shining like they got a new comment but...

    This has bugged me for about a week.

    On my second "Museum of Memories", it was shining like it got a new comment or review, so I look and nothing new, yet it still shined. Then it did the same to my first Museum of Memories. I check and it's the same.

    Now it's doing it to four of my levels! All of which were made from LBP1. What's up with this?

    Edit: No, there aren't new photo's either.
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    Photo uploads counts as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullofwin View Post
    Photo uploads counts as well...
    There aren't any new photo's either.

    Thing is, when I check the level's comments and reviews it stops, then shines again 2 seconds later.

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    I've had this problem too. Posted it in the Bug List 4 months ago as well and only one person besides myself had the same issue. Went ahead and posted the problem on Get Satisfaction to bring it to Mm's attention:

    Weird I haven't posted on there sooner in spite of how much it irks me. V_V;

    Edit: My post (while still exists) has been merged. Turns out many other people than I had originally thought have this problem as well. If you have anything to say, post it on this topic please:

    I'm still concerned why Mm has yet to respond to this.
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    This reminds me of that youtube glitch that says you have a new comment on a video though you don't.

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    Ugh, this has been happening to me for awhile. I can never tell if I have a new review or not, and I have to look around my planet to find any.

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    It's happened to me a couple times but it stops after a few days... At least for me it did!
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    I've had this level glow glitch for ages (and I still do ).

    It started months ago with my LBP1 levels. It began with my first published level and it started to spread to my other LBP1 levels in chronological order (I think it was in that order but it was a long time since it began) until they all had the glow. And they still do even though there has been no new activity on them for over a year. So I just decided to ignore it since my LBP2 levels were unaffected until now. It has recently spread to my earliest published LBP2 level and I believe it will spread to my other LBP2 levels in time like a nasty rash.
    If it spreads to my profile section (where the profile comments are), I would probably go insane.

    Are there any solutions to this problem?
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