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    Default Super Tower Defence

    Hey guys!

    I'm finally finished after several struggles against the oh so confusing logic! So to start off, wow! The months pass by real quickly before you even know it, because its already February of the new year! But enough of that, time to talk about my newest level.

    The title of the level pretty much sums up what kind of level it was going to be. But if you don't particularly care and didn't bother to read the title, it's a tower defence. Now to those who are new to tower defences I'm going to answer that question. If you DO know what a tower defence is... skip this question.

    What is a tower defence?
    Basically, there is a long path from one end to another and there are enemies passing through. You need to prevent them from passing by spending money for towers that eliminate the enemies. If an enemy successfully passes the entire pathway, you will lose lives. Once all lives are lost, so is the game.

    Okay, that seems a little irrelevant since I think everyone knows what a tower defence is. But let's get back to mine. So my level consists of 3 different maps, 7 different towers and 2 different support items (a.k.a. mines and bombs). This level has 40 waves and about 10 different types of enemies. Oh yeah, here's a picture:

    Just a quick note, this picture was taken DURING production.

    Now you must be wondering: why did you make this? There are plenty of tower defences already. That's the thing. I haven't exactly found any tower defences... well... addictive. Me not happy about that. So I went and gave it a go on my own. The second reason I made this was inspired by another tower defence. This one is not on LBP2, I assure you. Is anyone familiar with Bloons Tower Defence 5 on It's completely inspired from that amazing game. If you haven't played it and want to, here's the link:
    I guess that's all I have to say for now. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the level, or simply ask me questions about it, PM me or simply post on this thread.

    Free love, chronos453. ^^

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