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    Default MiG 31 Super Advanced Plane (2 weeks)

    so i made a MiG 31, and really disapointed by the amount of plays, its some.. i guess.... but compare it to most cool page levels its like none. (and it way better than most of thoose dumb cool page levels, am i right?) well here it is, i spent 2 weeks, the logic is based on the real thing. i have some images here,
    Yea, theres the two pictures i got, one of it in flight, the other of the logic. heres a level link ( if you have the time, and/or want one for free, check it out.
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    looks awesome, I could never really make objects with the 3d glitch, but you used it and the wings look pretty good. I also like the look of the HUD above the craft. Good job!

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    Hmmm... it looks cool. However, and im not trying to be mean or unkind, but I don't think that planes are a good idead in LBP. Basically, you can't fly them for long, as they hit the wall, and then you cant turn around, and its all disappointing. So, it's not the problem with you, it's the problem with the level barrier. I qeued this btw, because it DOES look awsome.

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