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    Quote Originally Posted by toast View Post
    and if thats what you think it means, read 'WEBSTERS DICTIONARY' that will say the REAL meaning to the word thanks..
    Definition of SÉANCE

    1 : session sitting

    2 : a spiritualist meeting to receive spirit communications

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    Quote Originally Posted by toast View Post
    no i obviously didnt post this for attention considering i havent been on here for a while..
    and why are you all being mean? 'you will say your not' but your trying to make meh feel stupid and it worked..
    i have bad grammar and spelling, every one elce except that.
    for some reason you guys point out the misfits. THANKS for making meh stupid like i said..
    and as for 'FlipMeister' i dont summon demons er spirits , im christen, i dont know what you belive in but i dont summon dead things, in everyone elces book thats a big no no, and if thats what you think it means, read 'WEBSTERS DICTIONARY' that will say the REAL meaning to the word thanks..

    i only joined LBPC so i can get some friends for little big planet2... im kinda tired of playing with lil kids, i know it seams like a little kid game lol but.. i need real friends that i can trust(:
    Sorry you have had such a bad time here. Please feel free to check out Find Other Happy Gadders for some friends to play online with. We want nothing more than for everyone to have a great time here.

    FWIW... They are mostly poking fun because you spelled sense incorrectly and spelled it seance in your title for this thread. Please don't take it so seriously. (and to the others... give the guy a break ok?)

    Regardless, the mods really do a good job here and if you are confused about any of the rules and what you might have done, please let us help you so you can avoid any trouble or confusion in the future. Wish you all the best.
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    You are the reason we have no more spam can.


    I'm gonna make a charity and make millions. I call it:

    CANY2012: Invincible Spammin'

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    They may make more sense after you've read the rules. Believe me, when I came here, I had no idea what spam was according to this site. I would just have a nice conversation about, I dunno, jalepenos (probably spelled wrong), and then I'd get the thread locked because of spam. I don't blame them though. Just doing their job. Jalepenos is a great conversation starter, though. Try it. It works. I guess everyone has their own view of spam. Repeated comments, junkmail, unwanted messages, or even the delicious meat that goes good with rice. I heard somewhere that it goes good with bread. EW.
    Also, the people on here have very good senses of humor. I wouldn't worry about it if they look like they're being "mean". We make tons of mistakes, and they only point them out for you if you haven't changed them in a while. Besides, being a meanie is against the rules here.
    BTW, I was thinking about that "different views of spam" comment I made. If I post a picture of a can of spam, will I get the thread locked?

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