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    So is there a reason for it being called Four-Rats?
    It's not? It's original name was 'Quadratum Oculos' which means 'Square Eyes' in latin, which is a made up disorder that you supposidly 'get' by looking at too many screens. But we prefered it just to be called Quadratum, which just means 'Square', not 'Four Rats' xD.

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    The new amazing 1.5 update is due to arrive somewhere around the 10th of June. Once we've got all the alpha builds finished, we're going into beta, and yet again, requiting beta testers. Once a beta tester, you will be able to test out the Quadratum v1.5, Quadratum Network Modem, Quadratum Musica, the 'Auto-Update' server, and the 'App Store' server. Please Note: Once the v1.5 update is released to the public, the beta servers (auto-update and app store) will no longer work for the beta modem. You will need to update to the public one to access the servers again.

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    The latest Quadratum update is currently in beta, good thing, too! We have ran into some issues with the NEW machine (not the one currently being given away in the hub), so the delay for 1.5 is going to be even greater. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Sorry for the long time gap, work on 1.5 has started again after 2 weeks of my life being really busy. I hope you will be happy to know, though, that we're squishing bugs that came with the new update, and annoying bugs that have been around for a very long time, that until now have had no known solution to be fixed. We're also coming out with new groundbreaking features for lbp2, and what's even more amazing is that it's on a machine. We are trying our best to get this update finished, just hold on!

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    Queued. Definitely going to be taking a look at this.

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    I am working on something like this but it was postponed due to lack of me knowing how to build memory for games xD. What I did is in the game menu was links to my other account with arcade games I've made. Yours will definetly rule over all!

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    Everyone, PLEASE know that I am no longer working on this console, and that I have in fact created a new console that is superior to this one. It is called the NeXT, and is amazing.

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    The Quadratum line has now ended. Farewell, Quadratum. The Quadratum has been replaced by the T-Games NeXT.

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