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    Default Quadratum - An advanced, cartridge based multimedia machine

    Well... Here it is. The Quadratum, after weeks of being built, where to start?

    The Quadratum is a machine that plays music, photos, games and software from a file system (aka a cartridge).The Cartridges are very similar to the layout of the JukeBox XI cartridges. There are a selection of files to choose from: Music, Photo, Game and Software. There can be up to 100 files in one cartridge, and the files can be in whatever order you like, and can contain whatever you like. Further details on how to create a cartridge are inside the empty cartridge that you can collect in the Quadratum hub ( link at the bottom of the post).

    (a picture of an empty file system)

    Once a Quadratum has been placed, that's it. Bit boring really... nothing happens. But wait, before you exit the post, just remember- that's because the Quadratum isn't on. To turn a Quadratum on, turn the toggle at the top of the device to an active state, and then all the magic happens. First it will play the welcoming tune and show the devices name through subtitles. Then it will display the cartridges name, and play the contents. If there isn't a cartridge in the cartridge slot of the Quadratum, it will ask for one politely. Once a cartridge has been placed anywhere in the level, it will immediately travel to the cartridge slot of the Quadratum, unless the toggle switch underneath the slot is set to an in-active state. Once it has dislplayed the name of the cartridge, it will then display the current file. To flick through the files of the cartridge, use the toggles at the side of the device, the microchips give a clear recognition of what toggle does what action.

    Music Files

    Music files are really easy to set up. Just place the music file, wire it up to the main selector, open it, place the music file in the designated position, wire it up to the designeted node, edit the subtitle and that's it. Now whenever the Quadratum plays that file, the song will play and for 3 seconds it will display the name of the song via subtitles.

    Picture Files

    To set up a picture file, get your picture, put it on some hologram or sticker panel, make sure to put the self destruct chip on the picture, and emit it from the emitter in the picture file itself. Now edit the subtitle and you're done Now whenever the Quadratum plays that file, the picture will show until the next file has been selected, and will constantly show a subtitle for the duration of the picture being on the screen.

    Software Files

    To set up a software file, edit the subtitle to the name of the custom microchip, and wire up your custom microchip to the node inside the software file itself, and you're done.

    Game Files

    These files are more... customizable. Inside the file itself you will see the layout is almost identical to the GameExpo II's game cartridge insides. 1st of all, make the part of the game that will appear on the screen of the Quadratum and make sure that every part has the self destruct chip on it and emit it via the emitter inside the file. Now, the cool things about game files is that 1) They can save data to a memory card. 2) One game can be played across 2 consoles. And 3) All games can have trophies. More info about saving data to a memory card, enabling Quad Exchange and using trophies inside the game file itself.

    Cutscene Files

    Cutscene files are really easy to set up. Just open it up, and edit the movie camera, and maybe the subtitle, wire it up to the main selector, and you're done.

    As I said before, there can be up to 100 of any file in any order on one file system. Enabling you to have a playlist of your favourite music, photos, games and microchips all in one cartridge.

    Console Updates
    [Update 1.1] Added a feature where if you remove the cartridge the image on the screen and sound stops.
    [Update 1.2] Fixed a bug with next/previous not working on Fluid & Aqua themes
    [Update 1.3] Replaced Aqua theme with Crystal, fixed welcoming tune not playing on all consoles (1.1 bug)
    [Update 1.3.1] Fixed shut-down tune not working if the console was shut down within 5 seconds of it being turned on (1.3 bug).
    [Update 1.3.2] New 'Shuffle File' Option, to randomly select a file
    [Update 1.4] [Music Update!] Changed how files work, but made the old ones compatible, too. Added 'Play Styles'. You can now choose whether music files skip, shuffle or repeat automaticly after a custom song. Changed intro/outro tune, changed cartridge boot up sound & added display for the intro/outro tune. Fixed the seperate 'Shuffle' option so that it doesnt constantly make the 'Next' sound whilst shuffling.

    Cartridge Updates
    [Update 1.1] Added remote control ability
    [Update 1.2] Tweaked Memory Card Reset
    [Update 1.3] Added next/previous tags to the file system for easier access.
    [Update 1.4] Added cut-scene file, changed how files work (this has no effect on the user, and is backwards compatible).

    What do you get in the Hub?
    • Quadratum Console - Orignal
    • Quadratum Console - Fluid
    • Quadratum Console - Crystal
    • Quadratum Console - Elements - Aquarius
    • Quadratum Console - Elements - Dark Star
    • Quadratum Console - Elements - Angel Wings
    • Quadratum - Empty File System
    • Quadratum Memory Card
    • Quadratum Memory Card Slot Checker
    • Quadratum Remote Controller
    • [Quadratum] LittleBigPlanet 1 Story Soundtrack
    • [Quadratum] T-Games - PONG [2P]
    • How to use your Quadratum

    Full List of Features
    • User Friendly - Everything is explained within the Quadratum.
    • Quadratum Friendly - You can have more than one Quadraum in a level and they wont interrupt eachother
    • Cartridge-Based - If for some reason you're offline, you are still able to play community games etc via cartridge!
    • Multiplayer - Not only can you play with up to four people on one console, you can also play one game on two consoles!
    • Override Compatibility - Accessories are able to control the Quadratum via tags if necessary.
    • Trophies - Games on the Quadratum are able to have trophies.
    • Memory Cards - Games can save data to a Quadratum memory card!
    • Thermo friendly - The Quadratum itself is fairly lightweight, but if you only want it out to play music, we've created an EXTREMLEY light version of the Quadratum, called the Quadratum Musica that barley takes up any thermo at all.
    • Customisable - It's sharable, so go on, do any tweaks you like, mod it, change the theme, and share it with friends! (Please do credit us, though).

    Logic & Concept : Robbit10 & Tardisbill

    Design : ZeusInTraining

    Beta Testers: bagheadinc, lionfish_swarm29, iamgoofball, mariofan24, chunky104, multiscar, crusher104, ZeusInTraining

    Quadratum was officially released to the public on the 1st of March 2012, at 8:03pm

    The Quadratum has been replaced in development by my new console, the NeXT.
    The NeXT will be similar to use than the Quadratum, but it is also being worked on 24/7 and is a much more developed console.
    Link to thread:
    Last edited by Bobinti; 11-11-2012 at 09:10 PM. Reason: Stated that Quadratum has been replaced by the NeXT.

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    The Quadratum's nickname is the Quad. In the final post, if you see 'Quad' it is us calling it by it's Nickname.

    Also, we're recruiting Beta Testers. Show us an awesome game you've made for the GameExpo Classic, GameExpo II, or an awesome SOFTWARE cartridge you've made for the JukeBox XI fr a chance to become a Beta tester.

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    The Quadratum is now out! Get your Quadratum now on Tardisbills earth!

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    You used CoolText logo generator for your banner didn't you...

    Spoiler Spoiler - Aw yiss.

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    Yeah I did, why? Is that frowned upon or something? Lol.

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    Holy cow! This. Is. Amazing!!!

    i miss the good old pre-war lbp days when we didn't have to dodge all these stupid bombs.

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    @ guy above me: where did u get that awesome quote?
    Also, Bobinti, I asked if u used CoolText cus it's kind of n00bish... although I should be saying anything, I used it for my sig

    Spoiler Spoiler - Aw yiss.

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    Yup, it's out! Hope you guys enjoy it. The release of this brings with it another announcement - I am shifting away from logic and focussing on visuals in LBP2. I will still be in the Creator's Toolkit team but won't be around to help them as much. So yeah, this collaboration between me and Bobinti/TardisBill was my last big logic project.

    Hope you enjoy creating content for it/playing content made by others!

    What goes for LBP2 goes for the Quadratum too: Play, Create, Share.

    I Love Creating - My Creations - My LittleBigPlanet Creations - My favourite creators: XtrophX, MrsSpookyBuz, rtm223, mdaj, wexfordian, comphermc, Steve_Big_Guns, Vanemiera, (and all of the other creators i've hearted in LBP).

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    I actually made it up. Yeah, I'm quoting myself.
    Still, amazing. I actually got the Quad and I am tinkering with it on my moon.

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    This console has recently been updated to 1.3! (Since the console has been released to the public, we have had a lot of feedback, so the updates are mainly bug fixes)

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    The Quadratum is basically your own personal computer on LBP, please, share it with your friends!

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    I love the new quadratum it was deadly and we easy to use and make your own but I had a problem with it
    1. When two tracks are switched between the things that get emitted
    2 when the machine is turned off the emitted item does not get destroyed

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    I think you might be using the old machine, the Quadratum is currently on 1.3.1 and the cartridges are on 1.2, could you get these items then try again? Then, if the problem still persists write another comment on here Also, make sure you're not using an old cartridge with a new machine, both the items need to be up to date.

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    Get ready for the Music Update (1.4)! Coming Soon!

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    So is there a reason for it being called Four-Rats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kern View Post
    So is there a reason for it being called Four-Rats?
    It's not? It's original name was 'Quadratum Oculos' which means 'Square Eyes' in latin, which is a made up disorder that you supposidly 'get' by looking at too many screens. But we prefered it just to be called Quadratum, which just means 'Square', not 'Four Rats' xD.

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    The new amazing 1.5 update is due to arrive somewhere around the 10th of June. Once we've got all the alpha builds finished, we're going into beta, and yet again, requiting beta testers. Once a beta tester, you will be able to test out the Quadratum v1.5, Quadratum Network Modem, Quadratum Musica, the 'Auto-Update' server, and the 'App Store' server. Please Note: Once the v1.5 update is released to the public, the beta servers (auto-update and app store) will no longer work for the beta modem. You will need to update to the public one to access the servers again.

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    The latest Quadratum update is currently in beta, good thing, too! We have ran into some issues with the NEW machine (not the one currently being given away in the hub), so the delay for 1.5 is going to be even greater. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Sorry for the long time gap, work on 1.5 has started again after 2 weeks of my life being really busy. I hope you will be happy to know, though, that we're squishing bugs that came with the new update, and annoying bugs that have been around for a very long time, that until now have had no known solution to be fixed. We're also coming out with new groundbreaking features for lbp2, and what's even more amazing is that it's on a machine. We are trying our best to get this update finished, just hold on!

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    Queued. Definitely going to be taking a look at this.

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