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    LittleBIGPlanet 8-Bit Fangame

    If you clicked on this because it said Fangame then your in luck i while ago i seen this lbp mockup and i was inspired to make a small LBP1 Fangame out of just this mockup so using the engine Classic construct i am making this fangame, Click Here to go to the youtube page all the videos will be uploaded to
    The Mockup

    With what ive gatherd it was made by junkboy if anyone knows anything about this mockup please comment so i can give credit
    Informashion About the Fangame

    It will be all the stuff from LBP1 a complete 8 Bit remake it will have 3 layers a back layer your sackboy cant interact with unless it has a sensor on it middle layer witch is the layer sackboy can jump on objects and the front layer the same as the back layer but your sackboy is behind it there will be costumes from LBP1 some Dlc's you will be able to buy with points you can earn in the game achivments give you points and the amount you play on it gives you points but you have to be playingit you cant leave it open in the background

    This is a very old gameplay of it i just recently uploaded but it has had alot added to it incase your wondering

    Q:Will it be online?
    A:Not when its released but MAYBE in updates to follow after the release
    Q:Will it be 4 Players?
    A:If i dont add online maybe not unless you input your PS3 controllers in Your Pc or mac

    Thank you for taking your time for reading this

    Youtube Channel Here
    Please Subscribe for video updates

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