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    Default Operation World Rescue: Push The Button!

    Hello sackfolks!

    After 4 months of hard work i finally finished my new masterpiece!

    In this level you play a sackboy who has been summoned to save the world from disaster. You have to use your platforming skills to overcome the obstacles that come in your way. Can you make it to the end?

    Warning: Can be difficult.
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    Thanks for playing! This looks cool. I like to see things like " 4 months in the making." I have Queued this level.

    O.K. you got me. I hope you are not poking fun at people who use the phrase, "4 months in the making" because I do have that on one of my levels. You did make us laugh.
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    I can't believe you went to the hassle of making a thread for this....... level
    Thank for the feedback on my level but this was, welllllllll, short hahaa

    Do you like Draden's levels? Play Bashi Bashi, a world class minigame.
    Do you not like Draden's levels? Play Bashi Bashi, a world class minigame.

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    Wow, i can't believe someone actually took the time to save the world 158 times.. I'm impressed

    Count Hackensack's Super Duper Hard Castle of Doom! *Spotlight nod*
    Sea Snake Safari! *Spotlight nod*
    Escape from Orion 3!
    Wake up the Forest! *Spotlight nod*

    Need logic help? Feel free to ask! In this level you can get some of the stuff i made for myself or other people!

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