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    Default Metropolis City Tales: Cold as Ice Part One

    The bank's alarms blared as Ty made his way out of the vault. He had planned it for weeks, but he messed up. He tripped a laser wire, and as a result, he might get caught. He needed the money to fund his search.

    He rounded the corner from the vault hallway into the staff lounge and main lobby hallway. He decided he wasn't going to risk trying to take down the police. He was going to make his own exit. Ty repositioned the money bag on his shoulder, and held his hand out like a baseball mitt. He shoved his hand forward, and a ball of some light blue substance shot forward. Ice covered the wall of the end of the hallway. Ty channeled his high school football training and shoved his shoulder into the wall, breaking out into the back alley.

    But he was too late.

    Police swarmed the alley way. He held his hands to his sides, and shoved them. Large ice balls erupted from Ty's hands, hurtling down the alley on both sides, freezing any of the unfortunate cops who were assigned to the alleyway. He shot himself to the rooftops with a quick blast of cold wind from his feet, and pulled off his ski mask, revealing his blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Luckily, the Metropolis City Police Department hadn't sent a chopper. He sneered, thinking of the dialogue.

    "Attention, all officers, there has been an alarm tripped at the Metropolis City Bank. Code 5, all officers on a code 2 or less head to the bank."

    "Dispatch, do you want any of us to come back and take a helicopter?"

    "No, we have reports that it's just a low life in a ski mask. Continue with caution, though."

    Ty looked down at the bag of money. He opened it.

    100,000 dollars cash. To fund the search for his wife.

    When Ty was 25 years old, he married the love of his life, Sharon Brann. They were young, and in love.

    But to pay for the ring, Ty had to borrow money from the mob. They finally caught up with him when he wasn't able to pay them back.

    He just needed more time!

    But the mob didn't believe in "more time"

    So they kidnapped her.

    And now, ten years later, Ty would be able to hire a private investigator to track down the mob, and his wife.

    As Ty let himself relax, he heard the roof door open.

    He turned around just as a figure tackled him, and chloroformed him.

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