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    Default Doctor who level pack

    hey guys this is just to post my Unofficial 10 level Doctor who level pack that was released back in December 2011.
    travel with the Doctor and his friends assisted by the alliance to stop the moons of littlebigplanet from being destroyed.

    the pack is built up from 3 main story levels, 3 cutscenes, 2 Boss levels and 2 VS levels. created over 4 months. All levels now open.

    the pack contains 150 custom objects, stickers, music and costumes created by a team of dedicated fans.

    if you havent checked it out go check it out!

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    I played this when it came out. It was very impressive! The stickers are very good quality and would definitely help anyone trying to make a Doctor Who level.
    The individual stories are cool though the way they link is a bit weak. But for what this is it is very good.
    I do remember struggling with the angels though I think you've increased that timer since then. Plus I kept blinking!
    The set pieces were brilliant and the gameplay was fun.
    Although I have since deleted most of the prizes I got from these levels (Had to get them all ) I have kept hold of the music, not because I'll use it but because how brilliant it is.
    I recommend this to anyone who has seen the latest series of Doctor Who (There is one major spoiler that's revealed in the latest series).

    Oh and if you do play this, wear a bow tie or a fez. Or both, both are cool.

    LBP2 Levels
    /-/ Mm Pick! >>>Valley Folds<<< Mm Pick! /-/
    /-/ Spyro the Dragon - Castle Heights /-/

    LBPVita Levels
    /-/ Space Blade /-/
    /-/ A Vita Christmas Countdown (Project) /-/

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    hey, im glad you enjoyed it. feel free to use any of the music/objects that u were given in the pack. It's our gift to you for playing.

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    I played this when it came out as well. I loved this series, in fact, I liked it so much that I made a thread for it in the Recommendations area way back before you were a member here. Doctor Who level series
    Awesome series that any Doctor Who fan should check out. Even if you don't know anything about Dr Who, it's still worth playing. Excellent job on it.

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