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    Default Boxhead: The Rooms - by shadyharry

    My friend, who introduced me to LBP, has put his blood, sweat and tears into making an awesome level for LBP2. It is fun packed, and has many different arenas and options. His PSN name is shadyharry - and mine is DubbaNinja, i wondered if you could check out the level - Boxhead: The Rooms 1-4 players - by shadyharry and tell him what you think. It's based off the online game Boxhead - A birdseye view, zombie killing game. In the level you have a shotgun, uzi and pistol, and you kill zombies and devils in a variety of arenas, and pick up ammo in small red packages dropped by zombies. There is a survival mode too, but be wary, that is only for players of skill.


    Please check this level out! It's frikkin' awesome!
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