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    Default hovering Sackthing

    Im need help making a sackthing like hovering...It should look like its slips on ice without moving its legs. Is this possible at ground? If not is it possible at air? How?
    Thanks in advantage

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    Yes, you need a controlanator and a sackbot. put the controlanator on a sackbot and another one to an invisible form. set one to transmitter snd one to reciever. When finished use the advanced direction logic and vonect the left, right, up and down to the sackbot and you should have a hovering sackbot.

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    Ummm I think he doesn't have sackbots or controllinators since it is posted in LBP1 section...

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    Maybe there is some kind of glitch that allow you to do this. Maybe you can search for "no legs glitch" or "hover glitch" on youtube or google.
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