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    Default ★ Journey of the Cosmos ★ (Previously LBPJourney)

    Inviting aspiring inventors, ingenious creators, and imaginative thinkers to assemble a cohesive team of extraordinary talent and embark on a large and ambitious LittleBigPlanet 2 project titled...Journey of the Cosmos.

    Inviting Creators...


    In LittleBigPlanet, the Cosmos is generally described as a universe of various worlds and galaxies beyond the reach of current possibilities, one world of which happens to be the Craftworld that Sackboys and Sackgirls reside. However, the other planets in the Cosmos have been largely unexplored, and until now, completely unknown. The Journey of the Cosmos is an adventure where a young Sack Thing (or two) must "journey" across other planets in the infinite expanse of the Cosmos, where cataclysmic events are taking place, similar to the Negativitron epidemic that struck Craftworld. The individual planets/levels are constructed by the creators in the Journey of the Cosmos Team and tested and tuned to their fullest capability. The goal of the Journey of the Cosmos Project is to create a complete story mode that extends from LittleBigPlanet 2's main story mode as a sequel, and that implements creative gameplay, spectacular visuals, and a unique experience for the player.


    A mysterious, young stranger from an unexplored region in the Cosmos crash-lands onto Craftworld. The stranger tells Sackboy that other worlds are in danger of being destroyed by an unknown evil and that Sackboy needs to help save them. Being the young adventurer that Sackboy is, Sackboy accepts his duty and sets out for adventure. Sackboy will need to journey and save five different planet species from complete destruction, and use their assistance to help defeat the unknown evil ravaging the Cosmos. Blazing through the Cosmos has become slightly more efficient as well, largely due to the stranger's high-tech Space Pod, which can travel to and from planets faster than you can say "open sesame" or "make it so."


    For this project, I'm searching for the LittleBigPlanet community's brightest and most dedicated creators, in all fields. I will send invites through Private Messaging in hopes that the creator wants to join the Journey. The goal of the Team is to develop the levels, assist each other in the project, and create the best series possible for the players and the community.

    (I will send invites through Private Messaging only. Fancy titles may ensue... :])

    Night Angel [Head Honcho]
    P-I-M-P-I [Level Creator]
    nillrecuring [Level Creator]

    *Team members and positions are subject to change over the course of this project


    How can I help with this project?
    Well, as stated above, I will send invites to creators I believe will highly benefit the project and stay dedicated throughout its longevity. However, there will be also be a beta-testing period near the end of the project's completion for members of the community to provide feedback on the level series.

    What size of the team are you going for?
    I would like for the entire Journey of the Cosmos Team to consist of somewhere between 8-12 dedicated members.

    What was LBPJourney?
    LBPJourney was the initial launch of this project on December 25, 2010. After around five months of fleshing out the story and characters, designing the level set-up, and some creating, the project was placed on a hiatus due to real-life duties of the team members and slowing level progess.

    So what is there all left to do, exactly? And how many levels are there?
    Since the project still retains a largely identical storyline and format of LBPJourney, the only thing really left to do is actually creating the levels. The series consists of nine levels in total (in contrast to LBPJourney's original 15-level format): An introduction cinematic, a "hub" level, five very different planet levels, a boss level (consisting of an opening cinematic, a fairly elaborate boss battle which has already been set, and a concluding cinematic), and a credits level.

    Are there specific requirements for the planet levels?
    All "requirements" are outlined once a member has joined the project. These requirements, however, are still vastly open to creative possibilities.

    How will the levels be published?
    All levels will be published under one Playstation Network account where each member will be given credit on each level. The name of the Playstation Network account will be open to the public once the project is complete.

    What is your projected completion date?
    The level series will be created throughout the summertime and launched when it's complete ;)

    What are some select positions that you REALLY need?
    The project will most definitely need someone who is adept at using the Move Controller and the Paint functionality to create custom badge logos for all nine levels of the project. Requests and recommendations are gladly taken (with evidence and/or examples)! :]

    If you have any more questions, just PM me :)


    Please help this project become a full-fledged adventure for the entire LittleBigPlanet Community to enjoy by spreading the word!

    (And yes...this thread is formatted similarly to LBPJourney's original thread...)
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    Anywho, I'd lurve to be a part of it... but, sadly my creation skills aren't at the same level as my excitement for this series. ;_;
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    Glad to see this back in action Can't wait to see what comes out of it
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    The project is sure to run much smoother this time around, considering the ample free time during the summer, and the lighter load of levels. Glad to see there's still some interest!

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