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    Default Your Favorite Story World

    Mine had to be JackPotCity by far i loved almost every second of this world including the boss fight which took me forever to beat

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman779 View Post
    Mine had to be JackPotCity by far i loved almost every second of this world including the boss fight which took me forever to beat
    Merged with existing thread.

    Published LBP2 Levels:The Midnight Journey , County Fun Fair
    Published LBP1 Levels: Aquarium Adventure, Temple Of The Dragons, Shapes, The Goodies Store
    Aquarium Adventure Video (Thx Sackboy223):

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    I love Re-Animation Station too. Flipping heck, though, it was so hard to ace. But I did do it in the end, and, blimey, that Phobos costume is weird.
    Here's a funny story, you might like this: My little cousin got me the 'Tired of Life' pin on Three Wheel Tracks after I was told to let him have a go. He died so many times, I didn't even realise there was a 'Tired of Life' pin. So that's thanks to my little cousin.
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    All the Spooky Mansion levels have incredible atmosphere, fantastic gameplay (except Sunshine and Shadows), and amazing music! The best out of them, agreeing with Protoraptor (and others!), is Re-animation Station by far.

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    Mine was Three wheel tracks
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    I didn't really like most of vita's story mode tbh . But I did find myself really enjoying, jackpot city. and to the games credit the first 3 boss battles were great and showed off some of the lbp vita's new abilities. But because I find it so hard to choose between the jackpot city level it would be driller thriller which takes the gold. tbh I think most my problem with the land of odd is it felt like eves asylum.

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    My favorite is high tech Tunneling because it is futuristicly fuN and it is really easy just boosting through the whole track is fun!

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