Ever since LBP1 Im intrigued to create top-down game (probably puzzle one) with trains.
But I was never able to make the core mechanics work. So Im just curious if mabye some of you might have some better ideas than me?

My problem?
How to make a train (at least one piece) follow smoothly the rails?
Especially in case of puzzle genre where you would need sharp 90 degree turns. Something like this:
(not a screen of my game. It is just a first picture I googled that has this kind of turns.)
So you can not hide some small in-precision to the long turns.

I tried to use the most obvious way - physics. Just running inside of some corridor (visible or invisible). But no matter how smooth I made the edges, that I used material tweaker to reduce friction and use bolt and spring to avoid getting it stuck... it was always buggy. Usually the spring or bolt breaks somewhere.

So I guess it would have to be on logic way - movers, rotators, followers. But with this one, Im kind of out of my ideas how to make it look good :-/