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    And then?

    1. What did you think of LBPV?
    2. It's better than LBP2?
    3. What do you think LBP2 got that LBPV will not manage to get in the same way?
    4. What do you think LBPV got that LBP2 not managed to get in the same way?
    5. What grade do you give to LBP2 COMPARING it with LBPV?
    6. Are you happy with LBPV?

    I'm curious to see the replies of you all!
    Sorry for my english!

    *UPDATED with a new question.*
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    I think that LBPV was an awesome game. The story was so much fun, and the costumes were great. It can be better than LBP2 in various ways, like the memorizer for example. I think that LBP2 would most likely have more members, since more people have a PS3 and not a Vita. Most of them won't even want to waste their money on one. I would like it if not just DLC costumes, but story costumes and more would transfer to LBPV. I am happy with LBPV most of the way, its just that there are no good levels on the cool pages, and only H4H and P4P is on the cool pages. I also like that now you can delete your reviews/comments of your own.

    Need help with any costumes? Send me a comment on my profile!

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    1. Love it.
    2. No.
    3. More materials, stickers, objects etc. A bigger community. And a bigger screen.
    4. LBP2 - 10/10. LBPV - 9/10. For above reasons.
    5. Yes.

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    1: Love it.
    2: In most ways, yes, but in some ways no.
    3: The muppet's local gravity tweak, and the squishy destroyer option
    4: the memorizor, z-bias, and a few other features
    5: 9.75/10 (vita) and 9.65/10 (lbp2)
    6: very, but my costumes won't be transferring so that's a bummer...

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    1. What did you think of LBPV?
    Awesome! I'm really impressed with it. Expected much less.

    2. It's better than LBP2?
    This depends on the situation. I no longer have the time to stay at home. 30 minute mobile sessions are all I have. So yes, it is for me.

    3. What do you think LBP2 got that LBPV will not manage to get in the same way?
    The thermo barrier, item variety, player base.

    4. What do you think LBPV got that LBP2 not managed to get in the same way?
    The incredibly natural implementation of touch controls, and mobility.

    5. What grade do you give to LBP2 COMPARING it with LBPV?
    LBP2: 98/100 (nothing is perfect )
    LBPV: 95/100 (but these two come pretty darn close)

    6. Are you happy with LBPV?
    Playing LBP Vita. Making a 'FF Tactics - esque' game.

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    1) It's amazing. It's exactly what I needed: LBP on the go
    2) Eh... well, I don't know. I'll have to get back on that.
    3) Paint tool, transferring objects, music is pretty bland if you ask me, and the biggest of all, NO MULTIPLAYER CREATE MODE. AAAARGHHH!!!
    4) Randomizers are actually random and the fact it's portable, so I can make stuff anywhere I go
    5) LBP2 10/10, LBP VIita 9.5/10
    6) It's exactly what I need.
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    1) Love it
    2) In some ways
    3) Better graphics, more materials/objects/costumes/stickers, being able to use a 47'' screen as opposed to a tiny one, larger community=better levels
    4) Touch/Reartouch controls, better use of camera, far more creative levels designed by Lockstitch and other favorites, better community manager, smaller community meaning better chance of getting my levels played Portability, music is far superior (love trumpets)
    5) LBP2 10/10. LBPV 10/10. While LBP2 has MORE to create with, LBPVita is a freakin portable version of it. I can create ANYWHERE (Granted my battery life doesn't give out once I get to my destination)
    6) Of Course

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    1. It is probably the best handheld game I have ever played and will probably be the best (in my opinion) on the vita for a very long time.
    2. If I take into account that the PSV is just a handheld and not fully blown console, then yes, I think it is better.
    3. Intricate, intricate details and better ways to create the right atmosphere. The handheld can only do that much. It also has co-op create mode. The bigger TV screen also allows you to fill it with more stuff, that can be seen. Also, it has more decorations and costumes (dlc included)
    4. Easy use, touch screen and tons and tons of different gameplay possibilities that cannot be replicated as well on the PS3. The remember-data whatsamacallit thingy will also be wonderful for longer levels.
    5. Still gets a 10/10.
    6. A true Carnivalian NEVER washes the socks!
    Returned for PS3 and cookies.

  9. Thanks!

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