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    Red face The Maze Runner: Prologue

    "When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. He has no recollection of his parents, his home, or how he got where he is. His memory is empty." Based off of James Dasner's best-selling novel The Maze Runner, this is marks the beginning of a brand new adventure unlike any other. Special thanks to @Heat55Wade for all the help.

    This cinematic narrative will hopefully capture your curiosity and have you wondering what comes next. Please leave feedback, it always helps. If you like it, give it a 'yay'. If you don't, 'yay' it anyway

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    Got it queued buddy!!
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    queued! I'll let you know what i reckon soon
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    qued up gonna play it soon


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    Thanks for messaging me on Vita about the level, that was a great way to get me to play it right away when booting up the system

    This intro had excellent writing. It really made me want to play the levels that will be associated with it, which is sort of the point of a prologue I would say, so great job with that! I liked how the flickering light added a mysteriousness to the whole thing, and you did a good job adding atmosphere.

    Though I think it is fine as-is, if you were going to change something I don't think it would be bad to add more variety to what is going on while the text is changing. I know that the sackboy is moving around and doing what the text is talking about, but the screen is black so much that I don't get to see most of it. It seems that perhaps zooming around, adding sound effects that apply to the text (i.e.: when the text talks about him knocking on the walls and yelling, add in the appropriate sounds), and having a bit more time with the light on instead of off might add a lot of variety. While I felt that the text was written very well, the scenery got old about halfway through and I think that some simple camera movement and additional sounds might do wonders. I am not saying to build more set pieces, but just to move around the current set. Heck, you could even have the text going as you pan across the room slowly, and then once you have shown the whole room with the pan you could zoom out to the way it currently is or something like that.

    Just ideas As I said, I like how it currently is and you really don't need to change anything. I just like to toss ideas out because without that I wouldn't be offering anything by playing... well... other than the yay and heart

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    First of all, thanks for looking into my level everybody.

    I appreciate all the feedback Poo. There is always room for improvement, especially in this level. Upon planning out the level, I contemplated on what would be the best way to get the necessary information across. Obviously, I settled on a simplistic cutscene. The main focus comes down to what is being said, that visuals on the back burner. If you may not know, this is actually based of a book. So the goal of this series is to convey a story that lies dear to me. I want for those who would not normally read, to experience an amazing narrative. The writing can't fall on me alone, I actually quoted straight out of the book at times.

    Aside from my rambling above, you make excellent points. I actually considered adding in the scream and banging sound effects, but thought against it near the end. Adding in some camera angles and adjusting the light flicker is easy enough. So I appreciate your thoughts and opinion, it always helps

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