Hi LBPV players, thought i would attempt a Tetris level, I never imagined it would be so hard do do and its defiantly the hardest thing I have attempted to create, I thought i would make it a bit different with the touch controls so made the Tetris pieces always free to move at will, my idea being that huge multiplier chains (10 second delay) could be created to give better scores, this way you have to think ahead more if you want the impressive scores. I did manage to work out blocks that froze once part of them had been destroyed but i found it frustrating because i could not get them to drop once a line was free below them, (I know this can be done though) i added 10 levels on increased difficulty jumping every 12 lines created. The game has to be played in portrait mode (No idea how to have the prompt to show this at start of level) I hope its still fun to play this way. Anything you feel should be added to this please don't hesitate to say. Thanks for your time.