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Hello fellow turtles and ducks. I have come with yet another level for you to play.
Or watch.
Okay, it's an intro. I just thought it'd be more beneficial that way. But it's fancy!
Dive into the world of Detective Turtle, an elite detective who solves cases and stuff. However, one night, he is presented with an especially challenging case. He is called to investigate the murder of Ms. Anna Sackson down at the Sackson mansion. We join him as he confidently strides towards the household on a typical dark and stormy night.
The actual thing will feature gameplay that requires you to use reason and logic to reveal the identity of the murderer. Collect evidence, explore, and fight your way through this intense case. Lay down the ultimate hammer that is justice on top of evil's stupid face!
I would totally have pictures, but you know how problematic that seems to be with Vita. Or at least for me. I'll try though.