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    I might as well post here considering that I never have and the moderators just totally love me, right? :3

    Anyways first real question:

    1. If you could change one thing about LBPC what would it be?

    Not sure.. Oh! ..make it so I could get here from work via my PC not my iPhone. It is blocked since it is a games forum.

    um... I guess more pictures. I like images.

    Add a dedicated news blog section! Come on... You know you want to...

    2. If LBPC was to have a mascot other then sackboy what would it be and why?

    How could it not be a sackboy? Maybe my sackboy character?

    I vote for Kitsune.

    It's just got to be a Sackboy or a Sackgirl! It wouldn't be LittleBigPlanet without the Sackfolk!

    3. What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

    Evil Dead 2 .. Oh wait, I found that funny. I guess Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Probably Jaws. It's brilliant and I love it but it scares the heck out of me.

    Errr... I don't really find movies to be that scary. Sure, they can use music and sounds to make anyone jump but to me, it just seems like they're so predictable these days. For that same reason, I'm normally not interested in horror movies.

    4. Do you love me?
    Magic 8 ball says, "Ask again later".

    Can you dance?

    I'm sure you have your own things that make you special.
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    OH MY GOD! I've lost my pants!

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    What should I do for my 10,000th post?

    Hope that I don't delete a few hundred?

    Curse you... Oh, also, any chance you can make it so spoilers work on mobile?

    Not without rewriting the browser software on the mobile. lol They are not interpreting the js script properly.
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    This statement is true.

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    What was your first job?

    During my summers off from college, I worked with my Dad at a print shop that did letterpress and offset printing. It was kinda cool as I got to learn how to run all the presses and such. Also since I was into photography and had a darkroom at the time, I took over and ran the darkroom and copy camera, make ready and plate making for the offset presses.

    I worked at a concessions stand at Milwaukee County Stadium grilling sausages, pouring beer and soda and serving all sorts of junk food during Milwaukee Brewers baseball games. Did that for 5 years. Learned a lot, worked really hard and learned the value of staying in college so I wouldn't have to work there forever.

    My first job was just before I went to college, working in a grocery store as a cashier and generally worked my way up the ranks to manager until I left that to do what I do now.
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    Stealing this colour. Answering questions. Just to prove to Morgana that I can!

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    Ooh, Steven's answering questions now? Ok... Tell my everything you know about MM's PS4 project

    Haha, it doesn't quite work like that. I have a don't ask about unannounced titles and content, don't ask for crowns and don't ask for Team Picks clause for my replies.

    I know that you're silly to ask.

    But technically, you did announce you were working on a PS4 project at the PS4 reveal... But you're right jww, I am silly to ask. Oh well XD

    ..and even sillier now.
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    How and when did you find out about LittleBigPlanet?

    TheCountessZ and I went shopping for an HD tv and decided that we really wanted to play BluRay's. Well.. one of the best rated and most cost effective players at the time was a PS3. While we were at it we figured... "Hey.. it plays games" and I did a bit of research on some of the best games for the PS3. Little Big Planet was the top rated game at the time and we snagged it. That was November 2008 right when it first came out. We became so addicted that for Thanksgiving, we decided to stay home and just play LBP. We got carry out from an Italian place the day before and warmed it up for our dinner. lol

    I was bored of playing Oblivion for over a year and had bought Mirror's Edge. I got stuck in the ship section and was getting really frustrated so I decided to go online to look for a new game to buy. I ended up finding videos of these guys who made a very crude airplane takes out buildings level (which sort of made me sick) but I thought the little knit guy was cute so I dug a little deeper and thought, ya, I like platformers. I'll give it a try. I had zero clue it had a create mode or what it was about really. Hard to believe now but yep, I fell for a cute stuffed doll and the rest is history.

    I can't actually recall the precise moment that I found out about LittleBigPlanet. All I know is that I grew up loving both platforming games and games that allowed you to create your own content. Similarly I've always enjoyed persistant games that continually update with new content.

    When I heard prior to its release that LittleBigPlanet would allow an entire community of creators to create levels and develop a never-ending world of new places to explore and new adventures to be had, I just knew that I had to pick up a copy on day one.

    So after picking up my copy and arriving in my Pod for the first-ever time, I put on my Week 1 T-Shirt and set course for the first of many adventures on LittleBigPlanet!
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    Why isn't Steven Pink? Oh, right, Lady Luck stole it. Still odd.

    First come first serve!

    So what's my actual question... um... Why do you think I still come here after 5 years despite not playing LBP2 in like 2 or 3 years?

    To drive me nuts? Just kidding.. I suspect like many that you enjoy the community that we have here. Now get back to your chores!!

    Also, why am I so excited for MM's PS4 project despite the fact I know I'd get bored and depressed before I can even make anything?

    Ahh.. I see we are back to all your questions being about you.

    ..heck I dunno, maybe you need to focus more. We are all naturally excited for whatever Mm does. Can't help it if you get bored so easily. That is something YOU have to work on doncha think?.
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    This statement is true.

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    LBP2 or LBPVita?

    ARRRRGH!! Love them both, but I guess I had more fun in LBP2.

    You can't make me choose! It's like being a parent. I love them all equally.

    What's your favorite genre (other than "LBP", which is, I daresay, a whole genre in of itself)?

    I like racing sims and first person shooters.

    Platforming and RPGs.

    What's the favorite avatar, other than yours, that you've run across on this forum?

    Probably Taffey's during his tributes to the movie Fifth Element.

    Realises that he's forgotten all the avatars... That's right... All of them!

    Do you prefer, for handheld gaming, the Vita or the 3DS?


    I use both.

    Have you ever played Hotline Miami?



    If 2 + 2 = Fish, than what is Fish + Monkeys?


    4 + Monkeys

    Are you a computer person, or do you game on consoles?

    PC Geek X 10000000000000...

    Again, it's both.




    Pinball or arcade machines?

    I do love Pinball... but loved many arcade machines as well.

    Depends if I want to play an arcade machine or a pinball machine. Will usually got for arcade machines first though.

    Peanuts or turtles?

    Chocolate type in both cases.

    Can't say that I ever watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Peanuts as a child... Was it any good?

    ...that is all.

    No, this is all.
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    Would you rather give up...

    NOOOOOoooooooo!! Bad questions!!!

    Internet or Video games

    Internet... no... video games... no internet...ummm... oh gheese!!

    Food or [birds + bees]

    Not food... , but you really don't want me happy!!

    Partner or friends (hypothetically)


    Hearing or sight

    Evil questions!!... I guess hearing.. actually neither!

    Chocolate or candy


    Academic knowledge or life lessons

    Academic stuff..

    LBPV or LBP

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConverseFox View Post
    I grant you all permission to suck it.
    New level!-
    Yes I'm a guy

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