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    Default Shade Seeker: Suns of Arrakis

    Hello! Yes, its back to puzzles for my latest level. Inspired by Karpet Heads PSN ID and 'Dune', this level was co-created by me and rachi_t. Hope you all enjoy!

    Keep in the shade as you avoid the searing heat of the desert planet Arrakis....

    Being out of the shade for more than a few seconds will kill you. Jump and puzzle your way through the abandoned spice refineries with only a grappling hook and a few ounces of grey matter. The puzzles are medium hard and mainly involve thinking ahead, interaction with the environment and keeping an eye of your heat gauge. Plenty of secrets and hard to reach points for the keen explorers out there. I player only.

    Its pretty long so take you time and chill out to the amazing ambient sound track by Velvet Audio.

    Some screen shots to wet your whistle...

    Big thanks to playtesters Karpethead and Sabre but especially Aratiatia for his usual, amazing, in depth feedback!

    Let me know what you think - hope you enjoy!
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    I loved this level! It had great art style and atmosphere. The puzzles were challenging. Having to always look ahead for the shade was a unique touch. Keep up the great work mate cos i want more!

    Level Envy Rating - High

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    Yeah this level was definitely great to play. I love the whole shade idea you used for this level, it really kept you on your toes to hurry up and get to the next safe spot before burning up out there lol. The puzzles were well done, wasn't to hard nor easy. The visuals/scenary looked awesome, love the feel and atmosphere to this level and definitely more people should check this out. Yay and from me.

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    played this last night and absolutely loved it. The main gameplay mechanic worked flawlessly. I really liked the puzzle aspect of this level and that you had to actually do some thinking. The puzzles were just right in that they were excruciatingly hard but not just a walk in the park either. The visuals were fantastic and fit the level well. There is a nice flow to this level that I really enjoyed too. Freaking awesome job man. Love it!

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    Excellent level! Its not easy to master it and I really felt the burning sun at my skin while trying to stay alive
    Very good job

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    Thanks everyone! I guessed it wouldn;t be everyone's cup of tea this one so i'm glad you liked it.

    I've just updated and republished to try and smooth some lag out.

    Dont forget your suncream!

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    This was fun to play. I also found it to have a good level of difficulty that kept things interesting throughout the level.
    Visually it looked great, with a clean enviorment, good colors, and nice detail.
    There was minor lag when I played yesterday, but it in no way messed with my experience. I just bring it up since you said you've worked on it since then, so thanks.

    This was an awesome level overall.

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    Hey Egg, I have to say that I think you found your style. This level has that cross between clay animation and CGI look to it. The puzzles were challenging enuff that makes it both fun and witty. I really like the whole atmosphere and gameplay elements. Theres was a sense of small laggy feel to it. I'm assuming it was due to logic and the use of a sackbot. I know them suckers cause the thermo to spike a lot. This definitely deserves a lot more plays than whats shown. I hope more players appreciate levels like this as I do. Velvet Audio's music was a perfect match. Overall a very well done level. You got a level heart and Creator's heart from me. Keep it up man

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    OMG this was totally incredible. Wuuaau !!!! EGG the atmosphere of the level is really awesome, feel the sun, was hard but the graphics was incredibly wonderfull. do you have my heart

    I found two bugs that should fix

    grappling hook, not this close to the ground, I do not remember that part

    2.- in part where two red buttons would activate, some of them, not stuck to the floor

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    Looks promising
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    Played this a while back. You may have already tweaked this , but the only frustration I had was the lag for the first few sections, further in and the level runs smooth and the level feels like it kicks up a gear instantly. Anything you can do to ease that intro slowdown , I'd do it. What's causing it? I was looking around to see if I could find what the culprit was, but it didn't seem any more complex than later sections. Have you tried zooming the game cam in? Anyway, an original well executed and much enjoyed.

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    Arrakis. Qued as soon as I saw the name! This looks good as well. I have F4F Aztec Jungle Gold Hunters - but if you have time check out my Dune levels one day. I'll come edit this post with some feedback later. Look forward to playing this one! EDIT Thought you captured the feel of Dune brilliantly, loved the puzzles and the way you use the grapple. Music was spot on (the dub really fitted at the end) - a definite heart from me!
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated Aztec Jungle here i come...

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    I recently played this level and I thought it was fantastic. The whole look and feel of it is really neat. It sort of reminds me of MadMax meets total recall. I also like that the puzzles feel instinctive, like my intuition is leading me through the level. I did have some lag problems, though.
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    Sorry I just now was able to play this Egg...been extremely busy with year end work stuff. Where to start? Brilliant! Amazing! Awesome! Artistic! "Brain Required"! Flawless gameplay mechanics! Stunning atmosphere...the mood was surreal and VA's music suited this masterpiece. I like his last composition a lot, "Comfortless Thylacine"...I actually used it in Part 2 of my series I'm working on. I loved it all. BRAVO! BRAVO!

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