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    Default Sackship Enterprise

    Hey there fellow LBP affectionados! I went and made a level, it's called Sackship Enterprise and so far it's been received pretty well. If anyone would like to play it, and rate it, that'd be swell!

    The general jist of the level is this: you are Ensign Generic, and your captain (Cap'n Tightpants) wants to to investigate a mysterious and utterly safe planet in search of Energon Spheres that will aid your spaceship. So you go to said mysterious and 'safe' planet. Here's a few images:

    Overall, I spend just shy of 69 hours making this. I'm pretty proud of it, and if anyone chooses to play it, I hope you enjoy.

    Many thanks!

    Adam (ThePlacidCasual)
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    Ah, okay, thanks!

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    I played it when it was on front pages.... i liked it... u know how to design a level.... but i need to tell you my honest opinion... the first 2 parts was rather boring to play... the part one the spaceship and the forrest like part... the real fun started when u fell down.... than it got good... i would have rather played only that part tbh.

    How did u make that music? It was impressive. Did u record/add vocals to it?

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    The music is just in game music, I used music I thought suited each section. Thanks for the feedback - I saw from my activities list on that you'd played the level, so thanks! The idea behind it was to have a funny opening part, then the 2nd bit in the wilderness so to speak was about ecploration, then the final bit is more your usual LBP with bigger set pieces and more of a challenge. Sorry you found the earlier parts boring - but as I say, the idea was more exploration, I noticed you got a score of about a 1000 on the level, and in the 2nd part you can go for a swim, and explore a few hidden areas that'll get you nearer to 10,000 if you find them all! So that's what I was aiming for :-)

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    Im really not a patient player haha.... i only go for exploration in really really really good games/levels..... and i played it with another player... so thats the others reason.... mostly u rush trough it with other players... i can only speak for myself.. but most of the lbp players are underage or levels get played in multiplayer.... so there isnt much patience than...

    I didnt realize that song had those vocals... lol i was sure u added them by yourself haha...

    Anyways i think u have the potential to make really good levels.... u know how to design a level.... and the third part had fun gameplay.... i would love to see a whole level by you, just as fun as the last part..... would be great.

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