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    Default Pandamonium & Pandatropolis by SweetRejection
    I started making this level as a tribute to WWF - World Wildlife Foundation. I'm in love with animals. My family & I have been donating for years. I wanted to bring out awareness in a cute way. There are 2 levels in total.

    The first level, Pandamonium took a little longer then the second level. You are given objectives and tools to complete your way through to the end. You restore their surroundings and help save them.
    In the second level, Panadatropolis, It gets a tad bit more magical. All pandas have powers you know? Haha. This level has a lot more aspects. It has a little bit of everything. Stickers as prizes, an RPG bit when you get to enter the Panda's homes, platforming and the cute continuing story.

    Now I tried not to make these levels a lot less girly but.. it's next to impossible for me, but I think I did a pretty great job.
    I hope you play and enjoy. I know there are not a lot of checkpoints and they're not unlimited either, so be careful. Please support WWF (: Thank-you.

    Third level? I was going to makng a 3rd level. But this one wasn't only about pandas but different animals. It was beginning to look like a Zoo level. It was called Panda Express.
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    And I thought this was a "World Wrestling Federation" tribute level, darn. J/K pics looks awesome. Got it Qued

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    LOL I could only imagine a bunch of wrestling Pandas o_o

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    Holy Cow! I queued this just the other day and here it is, posted on LBPC! Awesome! Still queued.

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    I so approve these 2 levels even if I haven't played them.
    There's a solid reason and honourable spirit behind them.
    It's great to see these kind of messages sent through this game.

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    So I had the honor of playing this terrific level the other night and am very touched by what the creator is trying to do. To help those that can't be helped. In this case, wild life animals. Particularly pandas in this level. Any one who's willing to go out of their way to create a level and bring awareness and support for something cause worthy deserves a play and heart from me. Not only that, but the level was well made with different scenarios making the player feel rewarded with actions on the gameplay elements. Such as planting seeds and watering them with use of the creatinator and earning points for such actions. The detail of this level was fitting for the theme and the challenges was well crafted throughout. Very well done there

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