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    Red face Perfect World: Prologue Entrance Slump

    Okay I got a new level coming called Perfect World: Prologue.
    Here's a short plot of the level:
    The Creator Curators throw a big farewell party for Sackboy. After a few platforming adventures, you get out of the party room and go on a grand journey.

    So here's the problem:
    I can't think of an ideal platform where Sackboy should start!
    I've got a few ideas like he starts in a little shack and somebody tells him to go to the party or he starts at the building where the party is.

    But still, I can't think how it should look like physically.

    So can someone DRAW in paint some ideas and post them here or much better create their own and submit a screenshot.
    I just need a beginning of the level.


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    I suggest you to play some platformers and look at how other crators begin their levels.

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    Okay but, I can't go online because of cfw and the worse, I don't have a wireless connection here at my house so I have to go to a mall just to have a wireless source but anyway, this isn't your problem.

    Any level suggestions where I could get some Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Any level suggestions where I could get some Ideas?
    How about watching some PS3 levels' gameplay on YT?

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    But most of the PS3 levels that has an ideal start on YT consists of items that are not in LBP PSP.

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    Then try making the PSP level look like the PS3 level. If there's some wood in the PS3 level, use wood in the PSP level for that.
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    Ok! Finally got out of the slump! Thanks guys!

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