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    Whack-A-Sack is a LittleBigPlanet style mole game set in the depths of outer space.
    Use Sackboy and his flying bopper to try and hit the other sackboys as they pop up to gain as many points as you can!

    Constantly being tweaked.

    F4F: 3 a day maximum.
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    Hey man,

    I gave your level a run and liked the ingenuity of it, for sure a cool working idea.

    Here are some things to look at:

    -Beginning is a little confussing, if I didnt notice the "O Remove Jetpack" thing I would not have had a clue I was suppose to do anything at the start. Maybe add a lit room with someone explaining at least the beginning.

    -Notice when you score, I saw the little light go on when I was close enough to the 'mole' to get a point but maybe add a sound effect for people who aren't looking that closely

    -The payout, it takes way to freaking long to get all your points when its done. I know I logged on and typed up this whole review and its still spitting out points. Needs to be finished faster, 30 seconds to play and 10 minutes + (if it ever ends) to stand there and collects points is silly.

    -Scoring, I have no idea how you worked out the scoring but I have a crazy high score and didnt have a clue what to do for the first 10 seconds, might want to look at it. I gave up waiting for the end of the points after 20,000 points pre 100X mulitplier so would have had over 2 million if the game didnt stop at 1 million.

    The basics of a very cool mini game are there, just need a few tweaks.

    f4f level: Sack-plunk which is also a mini game.
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    yea i fixed the points system, that was an issue i had with the sensors after the end explosion, i fixed that, and i will also be working on the confusion the level might cause. Thanks alot for the input..
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    Loved the look of the level, and really digged that someone finally brought whack a mole to LBP. The intro, while it didn't confuse me, didn't really match the play field - same goes for the ending. All 3 parts look cool, it's just something about the flow...

    Mechanically, it works, and works pretty well. If you ever get some extra time, it would be cool to see one room progress to a few more rooms of "advanced" whack a mole.

    Would love it if you could leave feed back on my level 4. She's a Rainbow

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