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    Default Little Big Depot (day) and (night) tracks

    Just in time for your holidays, the Little Big Depot.

    Go shopping at the Little Big Depot. When you're in the parking lot mow 'em down with your lawnmower, in the store bump 'em around with your Shopping Kartinator. 1st place wins the custom kart, 2nd nets you a working forklift, and 3rd is an 18 wheeler.

    the Little Big Depot -- day

    the Little Big Depot -- night

    Hope you have fun,
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  2. Thanks!

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    Looks great, I like the shopping cart. Queued!

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    I did the night build earlier, it was rather insane. Did you tweak up the speeds or something?

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    Looks phenomenal, definately got these Q'd!

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    nice wonderful pics qued it up


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    Thanks for the feedback,

    After a short reprieve, I'm going to turn the parking lot into a battle arena complete with custom weapons ( chainsaws, hammers, wrenches, pruning shears, circular saws, etc. ) Should be a fun little venture


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    Very good. You have the feel of 'this is a real store' that we're racing round - rather than this is a track that looks like a store. Creative use of routes as well. I may feature this in Karting Korner if thats ok with you?

    With the lighting in the night version - do you have lights all over the track that are reacting to player proximity? Or did you use another method

    Whoops - forgot to say - I LOVED the opening shot with the sun over the store... but I thought the camera then moving around the place was a bit meh. I would pick out specific details and showcase them. And dont be afraid to use a combination of camera cuts and pans.

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    I would be flattered and honored if you chose the track for your Karting Korner. Also i'd LOVE to get together online at some point so you can teach me about cameras. I've been pulling my hair out over an in-game camera sequencer that I'm trying to use for a particular effect and I'm just not sure on all the mechanics of the camera and why it's not doing what I want it to. There's a bit of a difference between LBP and LBPK on the interpretation of things and therein lies my learning disability.

    You're absolutely right about the opening camera, bleh, and it's because of my frustrations with the cameras. At night I have magic lights and the street poles hooked up to player proximity sensors. If i didn't do this the track took quite a framerate hit with the in-game engine having to render lighting fx the whole race but in the process came up with some neat ideas for improved visuals on future projects.

    Hope to see you online so you can school me in the use of cuts / pans,

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