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Thread: Fix the Fuses!

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    Default Fix the Fuses!

    This level is definitely not linear- in fact, there's three different fuse boxes you must find throughout the level, each in a different setting. There's plenty of neat characters to meet from my Flash cartoons (also on my YT profile) that help you know what to do. There's even three coins you can find, each unlocking a prize bubble in the level's little store.

    [Watch YouTube Video]

    Level Description:
    Uh oh. Bob's electric company needs to find and repair three fuse boxes, but they're making YOU do the work! Navigate the city and beyond to find them... and search for secrets along the way!

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    This looks like a nice change to the usual gameplay. Im going to have a go at it tomorrow.
    Watched half of the video and I can already say

    -Wacky (lovely) characters and story
    -The shop system
    -Good looking

    -It seems some places could be too hidden or hard to reach for everyone, but i wont know before I can play it on my own

    If you feel like it you can try out my map:

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    Interesting idea...

    - Some nice game play mechanics with the house lifting to see the inside.
    - Liked how you had to go back...a change from all the linear levels out there

    - Haven't played yet but it wasn't real clear you were suppose to go down at the one point, may need an arrow, or a bigger one if one is there.
    - I would have liked to have seen more electricity enemies or hazards since this was a fuse repair quest.

    Overall...very nice
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    +The Shop was awesome! I had an idea for a thing were you buy stuff, but it was way to complex so I'm going to steal your idea!
    +Cool characters are cool.
    +Detail was good, but could still be enhanced.
    +It was fun to play!
    +Different, slightly original, challenges.

    -Fuse boxes were in random spots. (I know that you wanted to go to many places, but seriously, a fuse box in a tree?)
    -It was a bit short, maybe add several more fuse boxes!

    Overall, great level, loved it. 5 stars and hearted!
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    I didn't finish. I got to the first enemy in the third path and was unable to defeat it. I may come back later, but I'm a little frustrated about that particular bit right now.


    - Shop is very nice

    - Multiple paths were nice too

    - Aesthetics and music work.


    - That chase part needs a new camera angle. The one it had was awful.

    - The shooting enemy was frustrating because the things it shot lasted too long. By the time they were gone, it was shooting again.

    Anyway, despite that enemy frustrating me to hell, I still gave your level 5 stars and hearted it. One little thing doesn't detract enough from the experience to make it less than that.

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    This level was mainly to try out the shop concept... I'll probably use it in my levels from now on. :P

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    Looks sweet

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    Grr. I just realized it's possible to cheat Speedrun Mode. I'd fix it, but people have already cheated and stuff and I can't change the high scores. Oh well, learned from my mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    Grr. I just realized it's possible to cheat Speedrun Mode. I'd fix it, but people have already cheated and stuff and I can't change the high scores. Oh well, learned from my mistake.
    Hey,you cheated as well though XD Shame on you for taking advantage of your own glitch....

    Also,loved the secret enemy....

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