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    Default "Clincher"

    When you hear the word "clincher"

    what do you think about?

    if you guess what i think you get to have my EZ-Bake oven when the game comes out... only 2 people are going to receive this gift so far...

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    I can think of a couple of things that means to me.

    One I will not talk about on a family friendly forum, haha

    The other is a game (sporting event wise) that, if won, will win the series. Same for an individual play being considered the "clincher"

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    wrong... keep the guesses comeing.

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    1. a person or thing that clinches.
    2. a statement, argument, fact, situation, or the like, that is decisive or conclusive: The heat was the clincher that made us decide to leave the city.
    3. a nail, screw, etc., for clinching.
    4. Automotive. a clincher tire.

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    still not what i think of... when 10 people post their guess ill give a clue

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    A child who cries and reaches for a parent when not being held?

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