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  • Super Conductor

    1 14.29%
  • Tapling

    5 71.43%
  • Retro Vector

    1 14.29%
  • StratoSphere

    0 0%
  • Orb-it

    0 0%
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    Default What's your favorite Arcade level?

    It's no surprise that I'm crazy for LBPV, especially the score challenges and arcade games. So, like the subject says, what's your favorite (or even favourite) level in The Arcade?

    Ready.. Set.. Vote!

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    Here are my personal thoughts on them:

    -Super Conductor was maybe the smartest of them all. I feel this was the only one puzzle-oriented, and that was very appreciated. Also, I felt this to be the most Arcade-ish game of all, and it really felt like using an app or something. Totally loved it!

    -RetroVector. I didn't love it too much. Actually its the one I dislkied the most. I know lots of people did, but it just felt not fun at all for me, and the only level that truly, truly impressed me was the boss battle.

    -Stratosphere. I didn't like this one either, anyway, I must admit it was really addicting. The visuals were charming and the platforming smart, anyway, I just feel this had the less Arcade-ish feeling to it, and it was quite bothering to 100%, as you couldn't possibly grab all the three special thingies and get a perfect score in one walkthrough.

    -Orb-It. Now I loved this game. It is basically the only "game" that was actually fun to use the rear touch pad in. The levels were smart and I wouldn't have been surprised to discover it as a whole different Mini in the PSN.

    -Anyway, the one I give my vote for is definitely Tappling and I'm sure many will do as well. My predictions go for this one. From the awesome design, intriguing enemies, excellent difficulty, not too easy but challenging enough to 100%; almost no unfair sections, great pace, smart controls, cool character, excellent animation, amazing visuals, I just can't praise this game high enough. I need a sequel. Now.
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    I liked all of them in different ways, but some of the mini games in the story levels I liked a bit better.

    I found the controls on RetroVecter a bit unintuitive for some reason. Not sure why, but at times I would get fire and thrust mixed up. Not that they were bad choices, but I guess from some games I am used to X as thrust so in the middle of a bit tighter parts where I needed to shoot, things would go badly. lol

    Super Conductor was a fun little puzzle game. Really different and really enjoy this one.

    Orb it was also a fun little game, but it felt a bit stiff using the rear controls making it hard to avoid some dangers.. Well until I realized I didn't really have to point directly at the Orb and could be a bit more comfy where I made contact. Doh!! lol

    Stratosphere - I enjoyed it, but at the same time I didn't like it for some reason. Just had an odd feel to me. Maybe the colors or the sounds? Graphics seemed a bit too soft. I mean I didn't hate it, but it wouldn't break my heart if I never saw a sequel to this one.

    Tapling was my favorite by a long shot. It was uber fun!!! That had great feel and in a way reminded me of World of Goo mostly for some of the graphics and such. ..and like yugnar, would love to see a sequel to this someday.
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