Make your own Wendigo Mask

So listen right, don’t tell anyone, but we’ve got a contest going on right now, and you could win big time just for glueing some paper together!

You might not have heard about it, because we were busy on a whirlwind press tour, sorry about that, but now we’re back we’re ready for some crafting!

So - Make a wendigo mask from our template, take a photo, and you could win some original, signed, framed artwork from the one and only Rex Crowle. It could look something like this, but a million times better, because this was just a really, really old drawing I found on Rex’s desk.


How do you win this thing then? It’s really very simple.

  1. Make a wendigo mask

  2. Send us a photo

  3. Win the contest

Like this…


The full rules are below, but that sums it up.

Oh before you go, we wanted to clarify two things that weren’t in the original contest post

  1. You should make your Wendigo as unique as you can, give it some personality, stick those eyes on wonky, use those yellow strips as teeth or hair or whatever.

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