Ok For those of you who have gotten Littlebigplanet recently there is an old level that used to be always on the front page that is a great level to start off with and before you go play it you can read here to see what to expect.

Title: World Of Colour
author: Coming as soon as i can get to my PS3

Well once you enther the level it is a little weird but you have no idea what to expect. The stickers are well placed in the level and the Title of the level really speaks for itself! The pink character that just appears as a sticker throughout the level telling you what you need to do is a preety cool figure to have.

Well there is almost no way to die besides near the ending which i will get to later. I dont think the author intended on making the level very difficult more for enjoyment and for beginners. But the ending is hard. It features you trying to grab on to a red ball just at the right time as it emits! play the level and you will know what i mean!

The Idea of the level is preety nice with all the colors. The author put lots of thought into it.

Family level?:
Yes it is a nice level to play with family or a beginner because as i said it features very little deaths and is just overall an amazing level.

I dont know what is so attracting to it but its an amazing level to play as a beginner or an expierienced player so i suggest you go play it as soon as possible.
you should be able to find it without an author name as it should be the one with ALOT of plays!

Have fun

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