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    Quote Originally Posted by Jauw View Post
    StevenI always picks a level from an official contest, to promote the level for everyone else.
    He never picked a level from the LBPC6 contest, and those were honestly the best levels ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shropshirelass View Post

    @bonner - a number of the judges were very impressed with the Key to Punctuality. Again it had a very original take on the time travel theme but also again we felt it just needed a bit more work on it to be a contender. It certainly has the potential to be a great level though and I'm looking forward to having another go at it now that Djibees has made some improvements to it
    Yeah, I can understand how it could use a bit more polish. Still a good level in my opinion, but then again I'm more of a mechanics guy and can excuse a lack of polish when there is a really great idea.

    I'll need to play more entries. Personally I just think the winner didn't have much going for it other than visuals and charm, and the level was nonsensical in the sense that things were not causally connected in the most coherent manner but that may be due to presentation. When a level feels as if it's a generic walk through a level rather than a time traveling romp I dunno, I just feel as if the point of the contest is kinda ignored. It didn't really use time travel as a gameplay mechanic, moreso as a contextual tool to justify the change in visuals. I don't even think the level was that polished, as I remember breaking it a few times the first time I played the finished version. Another crown and pick for a level that can be made in a day I suppose.

    Regardless, this isn't the first time I disagree with the final decision and it won't be the last. I still respect the final decision and the judges, but I do have to say that this decision is the one that baffled me the most.
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    I played this level a few times - first in it's rough days and at it's more polished version at the end. I remember liking the original music track that was choosen for it. But beside the part with the pot/flower plant/seed, nothing about it striked me as a "cause and effect"/traveling in time aspect. I remember we also asked about the cause/effect thing and were answered that it was optional, that the contest was really about traveling to a different timezone/and an original time machine design. We've tried following the guidelines for this contest as much as possible and I'm just left feeling gobsmack with a huge "WHAT?!" Honestly I thought jauw's level and pj15's level were where the competition was really going to be.

    anyway. congrats to the winner. I dont mean to diminish his work or the time he spent working on it. I'm sure like all of us he gave it his best shot.
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    Congratulations to all winners! (Cakito my man ^^)

    I got a question, since the LBPV Side had so few entries, and allthough most were interesting, i expected alot more entries and more quality... since i allways thought that a creator who wins a crown with a lvl contest must deliver atleast "teampick quality" ... its hard to say really... luckily there were enough quality lvls within this contest.. but what would be if in the next vita contest u get 3 entries and basically they all suck? Would u award any of them?

    I guess the people/judges involved in this contest, were dissappointed with the number of entries on the vita... so if u will have another contest where the vita people can join in, will u probably put up some additional rules like "minimum amount of entries" or that they need have a certain quality to them.. or will u merge the contest so that ps3 and vita will be in one category?

    Just imagine the worst case scenario, with 3 people entering and all lvls are totally garbage made in a day or just a few hours? U cant reward something like that with a crown... i just say that because, some people, shared the feeling for example boner posted here, and even cakito who won, felt like he didnt deserve the crown... i just wonder if u are interested in holding vita contests again, when so few people only join them and if u are, if u prevent to let the worst scenario happen?
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    In defence of the winner, I thought it was charming, fun and exciting, definitely one of the more interesting experiences. Maybe a clock isn't the most original representation of a time machine, but this one fit the style and feel perfectly. Yes, time travel was not an actual game play mechanic, but it never made you forget you were bouncing around time. But these are all details, it's the complete picture that matters.

    Every entry I played had some weaker side, including the runner-ups that are supposedly so much better. But that's understandable with time constrainst like these (it still amazes me what people can put out there in such a short time frame). I guess it's just down to different tastes, as always. Some people like highly realistic visuals, some focus on new tech, some go for the story above all else, and so on.

    I still feel a little regret I dropped my A Faffin' Creed level (love that name, almost as punny as Snow Wight) in favour of Contraption Challenge 18, but I probably wouldn't have made the deadline anyway. Sooo... when's the next competition?

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    With all these complaints about the winning level, at the risk of derailing this thread even more, I just want to say this:
    Like I said before, Portals of Time is the only entry that I've finished. I only spent a short time going through the levels and I haven't played them all, but of the ones I have played, Portals of Time is the only one I felt like I wanted to finish. I understand that it's simple, but that's why it's so good.
    As someone whose only experience of LBP2 user levels was, for a long time, from the beta, when I finally bought the game 2 years after it came out, I didn't find many user levels that I really enjoyed. Everyone was trying to be original and innovative and fancy and a lot of the time it's just...boring, IMO. I missed the old LBP1 levels that were just simple and fun. I still haven't found any levels in LBP2 that I like as much as my favourites from LBP1, because people try too hard to do complicated things with sackbots or microchips or whatever.
    And with some of the entries I played, things just seemed to be slow and not really engaging. I'm not saying they were bad, but if I could only play one level I'd rather play something fun and simple. I don't know why the judges chose that level as the winner, but I can certainly think of plenty of reasons why I would have considered it.
    I mentioned in the other thread that I started a level for this contest but didn't finish it. And looking back, I doubt it could have won for the same reasons I've just described. It was very slow to start, very story-driven, and would not appeal to players like me who just want some quick fun. I understand that after putting a lot of work into a level for a contest, it's disappointing not to win. I've been there, and I complained about it and shouted at Sony and I might sound like a hypocrite, but if you are angry or disappointed, maybe you should just calm down and try to learn something from this experience. At the end of the day, this contest has inspired you to make a level that you are obviously very passionate about, and you should be content with that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rough-Tea View Post
    Congratulations to all winners! (Cakito my man ^^)
    and even cakito who won, felt like he didnt deserve the crown...
    I'd never said this!
    I said that I'm not feeling a great Winner on THIS contest, because there were only 5 entries.

    But I think I deserve the crown because since I play and create on LBP2, I was wanting a crown. Since I play and create in LBP2, I do not feel 'satisfied'. And obviously, because I put A LOT of effort creating Prisoner of Limits.

    In the next contest, I'll be in it again.
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    I guess in that regard, it is better than several entries. I've only played about five-six entries and the winner was probably the most appealing to a wider audience. There is a difference between a level being good fun and being stale, and I think the winner was the former, it just wasn't anything special. It was a lighthearted, charming adventure. Perhaps that's really the goal of these contests: to make something everyone can enjoy.

    I'm not angry about the results overall, I didn't enter, why would I be? An alright level won, and even if I don't agree with the decision I still like the level decently enough and I'm sure more people will love it. This contest just didn't have as great as a turnout as these contests usually do, potentially due to the theme. Maybe next time will have more amazing entries! We need to relive LBPC1!
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    I'm guessing our level didn't fit with the theme enough. We just started making a level based on the old anime movie Galaxy Express 999 when we heard about the contest, so we just changed it to involve time travel...

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    i thought your level 's visuals were awesome dragonboy. The beginning was definetly awesome the parts where you traveled to looked a little bare in comparison tho

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    I can approve that out judging system is nether under control of single person nether group decision, but conclusion of individual jurding and it's fair as no body have final word, but at the end reflects our collaborative opinion which does not need to fit to other people opinions as we still humans with opinions... and so Portals of Time ended up winning which suppriced me too but imo it's best platformer out of the bunch with best time travel theme implementation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonner123 View Post
    We need to relive LBPC1!
    You would die in the wait.
    And...I have high esteem of the people in the Crew but...there's a big BUT that I will tease and not tell
    Just, not only the creator's imagination is limited by rules.

    But...respect the results, they're always honest, fair and unbiased and always will be.
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    Oh wow, congratz cakito, I just played your level yesterday hoping it would win and it did! My saying so helped ya out. If any of you know what I am saying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wafflegod345 View Post
    Oh wow, congratz cakito, I just played your level yesterday hoping it would win and it did! My saying so helped ya out. If any of you know what I am saying...
    I think that I Don't know what are you talking about... But thank you!

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    Yay! Congratulations guys!
    Thank you

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    Ooohhh I better get these sweetlings queued! It's been quite some time since I played some LBP

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    Congratulations to the winners and runner ups! Look forward to playing your levels, meanwhile a new crown contest has launched today

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    That's actually pretty hilarious.

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