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    Default Short range teleportation

    Hello Sacks, today we are going to learn how to teleport...

    What, it already has been done many times, with wormholes, cursors, and portals and stuff?
    Scrap all of that, I'm teleporting on my own then.

    What does it mean?
    It means a sackbot capable of short-range teleportation, without having to interact with anything in the world.

    How is it done?
    For those of you who have read too much sci-fi (or who remember some of the Outer Limits episodes), you might know what teleportation is: you fax somebody, and when the copy is made, you destroy the original. This is how it's done. Also, it hurts a lot.

    I want it!
    Then read and learn. I am not giving anything, I am teaching, so you can experiment by yourselves. Also, I am not a monster, I will answer anything if I am not clear enough.

    I don't want it/it's useless!
    Feel free not to use it then.

    There is the logic for it:
    When [random condition in a yellow tag], AND the sackbot is on the ground, AND left or right is pressed during 0.5 sec on the D-pad, AND the cooldown time for teleportation has ended, THEN send a signal. IF the destination place is open, THEN signal continues to sequencer, which emits a copy of the sackbot, AND when the copy is detected, THEN destroy the original.

    It's a bit simplified, but I lack of english vocabulary to explain it better.

    Also you can notice I have a symmetry addiction.

    As you can see, the controllinator is on a piece of hologram that is following the sackbot. Usually, that piece of holo is usually about the size of the controllinator and there is nothing more on it. But for that bot, I extended the hologram so it covers the distance I want him to teleport (so as you can see, it's really short range).

    When the D-pad is pressed, it "checks" the destination: these are the 2 large pieces of holo on left and right, which are 1 layer depth, glued to the first hologram (that's where your sackbot will be emitted). I put impact detectors (without rigid connections) on these ends, so if the sackbot is near a wall, the impact detector will send a NOT signal and refuse teleportation (with an annoying noise effect).

    If the destination is open, after 0.5 seconds I have a countdown set the sequencer active. I used a sequencer because I added an emitter for special effects, but you can scrap it if you want; you can link the signal to a chrono instead of a battery. So, when all conditions are fulfilled, it turns on a tag, which in turn sends a signal on the left or right end of the hologram: this signal generates a copy of the sackbot. When the copy is detected by the original, the original autodestructs, and the holo with controllinator automatically follows the newly generated sackbot. Just have a large range on the tag detector, enough to cover both ends of the hologram.

    Why are there two emitters on the "arms" of holo?
    One of them actually emits the sackbot, like a checkpoint would do. The other emitter is for a special effect (a glittering holo that dissimulates the disparition/apparition).

    That doesn't work!/My sackbot teleport only once!
    Check your emitter options: the entry must be on/off and not "emit one". Also, be sure the newly emitted sackbot has an infinite lifespan, only one is emitted at once, and that you must destroy the previous before emitting a new one.

    My sackbot have lost features after teleportation!
    Be sure you made a live capture of your sackbot, not picking it from your purse or from a community object. So all the changes to your actual sackbot will be reported on the copy. Try your sackbot in play mode to be sure you're not working on a duplicate. As long as you're not returning to your pod, you can rewind your changes between play/create modes.

    That's not awesome enough!
    Tweak the delays between the apparition of the new sackbot and the disparition of the previous. You could have a clone of yourself, for, let's say, 10 seconds. Wouldn't that be more awesome? Think of all the riddles and gameplay features you could have with two "you".

    That's really short range! Why is it that short? Can I make it longer?
    Yes, you can. You can have your holo the size you need. I opted for a very short range for two reasons: I didn't want the players to use it as the only mean of moving (instead of, you know, walking), and because I have in mind a level in which players will have to teleport behind walls, so the short range allows them to see where they are going to teleport on screen.

    Can we make it to teleport up and down instead?
    Of course you can. I even made it 4-directionnal:

    Now you know how the candidates were entering the Hollywood Squares.

    Tweak and enjoy!
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    Very cool! My only beef with all of these high techy teleportation (of which i've experimented with a little myself) is serves the same purpose as say a controllinator emitter or a wormhole, with wayyy less thermo use. Especially if you're killing and emitting a ton of sackbots that aren't a basic one with no settings, at least in my levels the game goes to a crawl.

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    Hi mega. To be honest, I opted for this solution because 1. I don't have wormholes. I don't even know in what pack they are, and 2. because I didn't want to wallpaper my level with tags or hidden controllinators, or emitters I would have to update each time I move something. So, in a way, my lazyness made me work on another way to do it.

    I also consider a multiplayer level in which only one of the players would have this ability.

    For those of you who are wondering, the left/right teleporter sackbot is about 1/5 of a thermo unit, and the 4D teleporter sackbot is 1/3 of a thermo unit, and there is almost no heat during duplication (unless your sackbot has a lot of functions).

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    Cool take on teleporting never seen this before O.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djibees View Post
    blah blah blah blah blah 1. I don't have wormholes. I don't even know in what pack they are, blah blah blah blah blah.....
    They're from the Cross Control pack, and you should get them by playing the tutorial for it once you buy it, or you should immediately have it in your popit upon purchase.
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    neat definetly

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    Seems like a very cool thing to me. I like the idea out had about seeing through a wall and transporting. Good use.

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    Very well made and explained tutorial Djibees. Well done.

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