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    Default Feedback For Feedback

    Feedback for Feedback is a system that helps creators improve their skills by offering to trade feedback with others. This system is optional; you do not have to participate. Also, Feedback For Feedback works back and forth between both the Level Showcase and Object Showcase. You may specify a level under an object's F4F, and vice versa.

    I'm going to share an object and I'm interested in participating!

    • To opt in, just pick the "F4F:" prefix when creating a new thread (look for a dropdown box to the left of the "Title:" field).
    • If you opt in, you should specify how many F4F's you're willing to do. If you do not, it will be assumed that you have no limit.
    • Once someone leaves feedback, they will specify which object they'd like feedback for. Check out the object, navigate to that object's thread in the Showcase, and leave feedback in their thread.

    I just want to leave feedback for others and receive some in return!

    • If you would just like to leave feedback on existing objects, just navigate to a thread with the "F4F:" prefix, check out the object, and leave feedback.
    • Feedback should be constructive. Creators are looking to improve their skills, so leave feedback that will help them grow as a Creator.
    • You must have created a thread for your creation in the appropriate Showcase in order to receive feedback in return, whether or not you opted into F4F in your object's thread. This is to ensure all of your feedback is directed into the appropriate thread, and to keep existing threads on-topic.


    Reporting F4F Abusers

    Obviously, the staff cannot possibly check every user to ensure Feedback is being traded fairly. We need a heads-up! If you feel you've been cheated, be sure to go through these directions step-by-step and we'll help you get it solved.

    1. Wait a few days. There's a whole multitude of things that could prevent someone from leaving feedback, such as real life issues or simple forgetfulness. Give them some time to solve it on their own.
    2. PM the user. Send a friendly reminder to the user who owes you feedback. Sometimes people forget, and a simple reminder will fix everything. Be sure to wait 2-3 days, as many users do not sign on daily.
    3. Check when they last logged in. If they have logged in since you sent the PM, continue on to Step 4. If not, give them some time. Like I mentioned before, many users do not sign in regularly, so they may not have even read your PM yet.
    4. PM a staff member. If you've followed Steps 1-3 and you haven't resolved the issue, send one of us a PM. Be sure to include a link to the thread in which you left feedback. We'll attempt to get in contact with the user and go from there. We probably won't label someone as an F4F Abuser for one offense, but we still need to know about it!

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