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    Default All Nightmare Long [2]

    Hey all! I just published my latest level! All nightmare Long [2]. After weeks of hard work I finally finished it! Have fun!

    Enjoy! Click Me!
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    That was really hard to master!
    I played it with Luke_MK_II and only reached the scoreboard due to his ambition to master this level

    Very good level for advanced players.
    Great work.

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    Thank you for inflicting more pain than any one individual should ever have to endure. As AV stated, THIS WAS TOUGH. It was also fun, in a twisted bizarre sense. I really enjoyed these challenges, as they required total focus. The furthest I got was to the section where you move through the gap that snakes back and forth, but it was late and my eyes were getting exhausted. This was definitely an awesome challenge. Bravo!

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    Lol. The music was hilarious on this. I couldn't beat it either, but my tummy was rumbling too much to focus. XD I liked it as far as I got though.
    I don't just review, I make levels too!

    LBP.ME KatoRegama

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    The level link provided does not work

    Here is a functional level link

    I have an avatar, it's just you can't see it cause your screen is dirty.......

    I has levels!
    Stealing Sound .............................
    Ordinary Joe ......................................
    Sacks-Off, Dance-Off ................................
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar..............................
    Merry Thanksgivoween Arcadium Explodaganza......

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    Thanks L-I-M-I for the link, didn't realize it was broking. Also, thank you guys for the nice comments & feedback.

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    Played through the level today, enjoyed it quite a bit. You've put together a set of challenging obstacles, but none of them feel impossible to complete, and I got a nice feeling every time I managed to bypass one of the nasty traps set up for me.
    The music was great, and it looked fairly nice as well, which is important when you're doing the same part 10 times in a row

    However, that said, here are a few suggestions I might make:

    The "Grab here" switches might be reworded for "grab here for hints." They gave a good overview of the areas to come, but I would have just ignored them and tried the challenges on my own. They also were very long (as they covered such large stretches), and so I forgot some of the information by the time I got to the later parts of the instructions.

    The jetpacking section is very long, and is punishing as a result. I got to the very end, and then accidentally squished myself on a box (the one at the top isn't glued down), and then had to repeat the whole course again. Putting in a checkpoint somewhere would make this much nicer. Additionally, you can sneak over the right powerup canceller at the top, which probably lets you skip the bridge.

    The run section was also a little frustrating, because I often spawned with no ability to go anywhere. I'm not really sure what to do with this, and it works out as you'll make it to the end via constant deaths anyway, but I was a bit sad seeing my score drop so much in that section.

    I got lost in a few places in the level, because I didn't notice initially where to go. They were: the end of the jetpack section (didn't see the grabbable area), the end of the running section (didn't see the switch), and the start of the race (I thought you had to go down again). Hilighting these things (or blocking the tunnel at the end) would make it a little (you don't want to make it TOO easy ) easier on players.

    Finally, the last magic mouth killed me, as I overshot the race and ended up on the bouncy platform. It would be nice if you extended the trigger, added a checkpoint, or stopped them from bouncing at the end

    As I said before though, I really did enjoy the level, and I could quite see myself going through it again trying to max out a bubble combo. Let me know if you need clarification on anything, and thanks for the level

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