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    Default AngelGozen Wants to Play (Again)

    i play your levels... I comment...
    I don't have any restrictions except that i do not have A PS move and 4X Co-ops may take time for me to gather my friends. (a day or two) SO HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!
    BRING IT ON!!!!

    Also please request a Nit And Gritty review (for those wanting to perfect their work)
    or a Nice Guy Review (for those who just want a general review not too harsh not too light)

    The thing about my reviews is i don't just review your level and say yey or boo, i try hard to give advice and i ill admit if i don't have any helpful advice, this is sometimes why it takes a day or two to review if it does take that long, im just trying to find a way to help...or real life gets in the way

    but generally i try to review a level and post in the same day you ask for it if not next day (so check l8ter)* ^_^

    *except Thursday which normally it will carry into Friday/Saturday which is my prime time for reviews
    Little Big Planet Origins Series
    Little-Big-Planet-Origins Movie/Trailer and LBP Origins Thread

    My Review thread Need a review of your level?

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    well, *cough* my um, levels are fantastic. But eh, whatever. I feel like I could make a level a lot better than what I have published, but I don't have time to invest in a level. I am looking into vita stuff though, That I do have time for. Anyways...

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    Will I have a top down rpg that u might like but let you know most of the menus look low details cause of heat bar and size of game. If you do try Just look at the controls here's the games link

    don't try the tutorials 1 and 2
    Its a really hard game so
    Have fun and good luck

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