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    I wonder if this is still effective with LBP2. Anyone know?
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    Thanks for the tips. I done everything u said. i hope i get ssome plays

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    OR you could post on forums, like everyone else does. I mean if everyone is republishing, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of getting your level seen?
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    Nice guide, here's another tip

    People like bomb survivals

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    I'll try this and see how many plays I can get. Thanks for the tips!

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    I was upset at first by having the same trouble getting exposure as I did in LBP1. But I looked at my level stats today and it seems like the "right" people are playing my levels, and I am happy with the heart-play ratio. I think this is more gratifying than the gimmicks, (which for the record I am NOT above doing).

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    Here's a tip:
    Make your cutscenes/magic mouths skippable!
    They can be helpful on the first playthrough, but on a replay, the player doesn't need to see them at all.
    They will only get annoyed by them, as it takes control away from the player, and they have to wait around for the darn things to end before they can get back into the gameplay.

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    Taking photos: As my current levels are all movies, I can't publish those photos from inside the movie and have been doing so from my moon instead, and thus far it has worked. Not sure if this is a change with LBP2 as I barely touched creating in LBP1
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    I already knew republishing would work, but these other ones are great!!! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangerZero View Post
    That's nice tips but it's also work imo. You clearly see how the game's system is broken when you have to take REAL EFFORT AND ALOT OF TIME to promote your levels if you want any plays.

    By the way, a small forum like here will give you like 30-50 plays, not 200.
    200 plays and more is if you go on a major forum like NeoGaf, IGN, etc

    Also, I would suggest a creator to not focus too much on the number of plays. It is really cool but not THAT important. You should harvest the love of creating first. I personally think that some 500-1000 plays really is awesome. And this can be achieved with minimum pimping.
    I agree with you for the first and third paragraphs, but this is a small forum? This website is probably the most popular fan site in LBP! And that's really saying something.

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    Hey this guide is great and i hope it works if i use it for myself.
    if anyone gets a chance can anyone play my lvl Mission Reload (Demo). i worked hard on it and i need some plays thx.

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    Hmm, these are some interesting tips, I shall atempt these. Thanks!

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    This was great help! Thanks a lot. I knew about the re-publishing trick. But not all the other tricks! I don't know where the badge is, or what it looks like? :S But thanks heaps!

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    Just a question... does Tip 1 work in LBP2? From reading the guide I can tell that it's based on LBP1 stuff...

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