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    Default LBPC Contest #11 - Results

    Well, we made a lot of cool new friends along the way in judging this contest. We were put through a series of baffling, bamboozling and downright tricky tests but with the help of our trusty (although sometimes snarky!) companions we made it through! Thank you for keeping us so well entertained! Here are the winners…or rather "Let’s go!” (Sorry, couldn’t resist – just cracked me up every time…) :P

    Joint Runners Up

    LBPC11: Sack Jones & Spicy: The search for the Holy Stone
    by  DT-Kaosu
    [MY ENTRY FOR LBPC11] [TURN SUBTITLES ON] Welcome to my new level! Sack Jones & Spicy! This level was incredible hard to do, but I dedicated my self, and tried to do an excellent level! In this game you and your friend are searching for the holy stone, a very rare stone that is avalied in 10 billions of dollars. The level is so fun and easy, with taste of " Mom I want more! ". The level have 12 minutes approximated of adventure. Well, I hope you like it! Credits: Me, I did all the level alone | Voices: Me

    [LBPC11] A Hole In The Ground
    by  zecros4
    [SET BRIGHTNESS TO FULL][1 PLAYER] In search of bubbles, you find a great underground settlement and with the help of your new friend kynin, you will traverse it. Music by NK827 .Thanks to jujupon for some wonderful engouragement and help *Ai isnt completely industructable so prepare for replays*

    The Winner!

    Singular Duality (LBPC11)
    by  Aratiatia
    Who needs real friends? Your co-op drone can follow you, change layers, activate switches, avoid danger and help you complete the level with just the occasional bit of teamwork. One (1) player only, HOLD ALL SHOULDER BUTTONS TO RESPAWN. Massive thanks to RtooDee2 and peoriaspitfire AND my beautiful, patient wife :)

    Congratulations to Aratiatia – his entry was just the epitome of cool. It looked stunning, covered all our build requests perfectly and was a pleasure to play. Genuinely impressive stuff!

    Well done too to our joint runners up, DT-Kaosu and zecros4. We loved Sack Jones and Spicy. They were an entertaining pair and we had great fun exploring in their company. The AI worked flawlessly and the backstory was engaging. The Hole in the Ground was another very impressive entry. It looked great and we really loved the clever puzzle gameplay and witty dialogue (corkophobic indeed!).

    Honourable Mentions

    The following levels all also really impressed the judges (in alphabetical order of PSN ID):

    • (LBPC11) The Ninja's Key by Chessguy
    • (LBPC11)The Hungry cat by white_rabbit_0

    A big thank you to everyone who took part. You guys all rock and made judging this contest a lot of fun!

    LBPC Contest Crew

    • biorogue • Dav1d0 • jauw • Pookachoo • Shadowriver • shropshirelass • thespacemonkey187
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