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    Default VitaCraft - Minecraft in LBP Vita - Beta Testers Needed!

    Hey guys. I'm making a Minecraft level for LBP Vita...yeah, your heads are just exploding from the originality here. But this is different. Here are some pics:


    Here's the lowdown:

    - 20 by 20 grid (400 squares)
    - Building in 3 layers
    - 7 materials (8 including torches)
    - Ability to destroy blocks
    - 1-4 players
    - Day and night cycle
    - Ability to save your entire world to come back and work on/look at later

    And yes, that last point means the entire world and all you've done in it will be saved-every single block and its position.

    I need beta testers for this. Preferably come with multiple players. Try to find glitches in everything, especially the save system. Try saving multiple times in one play, etc. Here's the lockbox:

    The code is 455156783. Happy testing!
    And the electricity! And there's a lot inside of you! And there's a lot inside of me!

  2. Thanks!

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    This looks too SWEET to mess up on i'll try it and put a review on the level !

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    Thanks! Did you find any bugs?
    And the electricity! And there's a lot inside of you! And there's a lot inside of me!

  5. Thanks!

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    Hey !
    so the level was Awesome ! Totally the best minecraft level on lbpV !
    no bugs found, but two things that bothered me:
    1-i cant get back to the menu
    2-the speed of the sackboy is too slow
    and at last thank you for making this level.

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    . I've been trying to come up with a good 'not murder' mystery like a theft but they never feel as exciting.
    I know that there are levels with death in them but this would have a murder weapon with blood, autopsy reports etc.

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