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    Default Pocket Moon Podcast: PAX Prime 2013 Special Episode

    PAX Prime 2013 Special Episode

    Tom heads to Seattle with b-coli, Trindall, and Taldarin to check out PAX Prime.

    Here are timestamps so that you can skip to specific parts of the podcast if you want to:

    -- Timeline info --
    Overall podcast length: 154 minutes

    Day 1 wrapup: 24:00
    Spaff!: 1:18:40
    Day 2 wrapup: 1:22:25
    Back home: 2:10:45

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    Yahoooooo! *throws old timey hat in the air* The new PMP is here! *runs down street shouting like an idiot--a la Steve Martin in The Jerk* The new PMP is here! downloadi....scratch that, it just finished. Woo Hoo!

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    We of course had a great time recording this one, unfortunately me more than John.

    So who's coming to PAX with us next year?

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    I'm leaning towards PAX East. But if I magically get a ticket to Cali, definitely me!


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    never get tired of hearing dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum


    everyone's just gonna use google glasses



    pshh werk

    weeh weeh weeeeeeh

    he just carried real scalpels around :P

    theres more than one day, so

    thats true but you can't experience it yourself

    I had a soccer tournament once were I had to sleep on a hotel floor for several days and I hurt my back and couldn't play :P

    I heard about that beef jerky on twitter

    A bag of babies


    thats neat

    "hey spaff so should I just set up here?"

    yes *ahem WERE HAVE YOU BEEN :P


    Jesse sounds like mason from forrestfire101

    oh THAT guy!

    I've heard of that game

    no, scratch that, jake from forrestfire101




    kinda nice to put trindall's name to a voice

    bright and early


    yeah that thing

    we have something!

    It sounds really cool

    Wait, it spins?

    just like a lbp level :P


    next you're gonna tell me santa claus isn't real!



    octodad looks really good also


    that sounds... interesting



    that sounds cool

    I just looked at this game and man now I really want it :P

    a bunch of these games I don't really know about, but they do sound cool

    I downloaded rogue legacy after this podcast

    why what are doing


    just wear a big sign hat with a PMP logo

    a wha?


    dnd new

    *fbi bursts through door during live podcast*


    only 16,000

    "and it has cupholders"



    oh you wanted DIDN'T pink walls?

    all that in one day!

    how about that spelling


    woo dq

    Octodad woo


    there mustve been a bunch of headbands then if you have to wear two








    It is made of paper

    don't be a -oh

    I've played millipede on the computer

    you're welcome

    all the toys

    sounds like it'll hurt your eyes

    sounds neat

    a fps

    what did you get for a full set?



    hold the phone

    thats cool

    thats really cool



    I would love to try them one day

    so the flavor of lucky charm, chewyness of circus peanut,

    whew, I was about to be scared that you didn't mention mnniska

    sounds sanitary

    *one year later*

    the magenta light of death

    how do you even do that

    hmm, thats pretty cool

    ooh that wouldve been cool if you could controll the dog

    well the i haven't played the game so

    oh thats funny

    you can look at the old man sitting in the car

    AHA you thought of it also :P


    over so soon?

    once all the games come out

    the prestigious few

    didn't have to go through thailand

    and now were going to talk about ios gaming!

    gotta watch out for pukey factor

    yeahh, I don't even like the 3D off of 3D tvs

    heh, coffee





    *cough* *cough*


    fantastic podcast guys!

    questions for the next show -

    sonic bacon slush - yay or nay?

    if you had to go a year without sugar or showers, which would you choose?

    what does the fox say?
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    Woo! It was a fun chance to be on the other end of the mic this time around and get look at the rambling, chatty mess that makes up the genesis of a podcast.

    Fortunately for me it wasn't an actual live Tom and John event and unstructured so it went fairly smoothly with me listening while b-coli and Taffey talked for a few hours.

    Glad to hear that Jesse and Tom enjoyed the PAX mania and got home without any further drama. It was a lot of fun to attend the show with both of you guys, true, dyed-in-the-wool gamers.

    One of the biggest surprises from this year at PAX was how little each exhibitor was giving away in terms of swag. Last few years I'd come home with 4 - 8 T-shirts, bags, hats, pens, fans, mouse pads, tubes, glossy posters and so on but this year it was really dry.

    Hopefully next year the coffers will be a bit better stocked and the swag train has better bounty.

    Looking forward to hearing the next official PMP episode, edition when y'all get your schedules and time lined up.

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    yeah it was fun guys, and if i am still in the same apartment next year, (i will probably have at least a spare bed by then) should be no prob to do it again.
    maybe i can make a few pounds o jerky for each of us, and have you all go out peddling to gamers while in line, make some extra $$$ we could spend on cards or pins

    was nice meeting everyone in person, well, already hung out with trindall before now we just need to get John out here next year, gotta be ready when tickets go on sale , like almost INSTANTLY ready.. but no fear, there are plenty of scalpers out there too, and i have heard plenty of stories where people talk them down to below cost, cause they are walking around with a stack 4-6 inches thick and just need to unload them...
    but it IS something you will remember and want to come back to so you can maybe explore more the next year.
    i agree with Trindall, it was kinda skimpy this year, i think everyone used up their budgets at E3 and gamescom for the PS4 before they got to PAX this year, hoping they will go back to the shirts like the years before. i got one shirt this year, from the RadioPlaystation guys... hahah and i usually would come away with 15-20 shirts in a three day weekend... oh well, there is always next year

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    So... are you guys back or was this just a "for old times sake"?
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