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    Default LBP Vita Second to Last Level

    the level before the final boss is exteremly hard for me and I was wondering if anyone has some tips? thanks

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    Ah, yes - The Reanimation Station. The Grappling Hook can be tricky.

    • When swinging the side, press up as well to real in and gain a bit speed.
    • Take your time. The level is no race, so you can stop and collect your thoughts between different sections.
    • Don't worry about dying. You get infinite retries, so there isn't any real penalty for dying.

    Or are you talking about the first stage of the boss?
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    Yes I am talking About the The Renimation Station I am acatually trying to ace it.

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    'The level is no race'
    I tried to get throught the level AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
    I started timing after closing Ms. Sunshine's third speech bubble (didn't move before that)
    I paused when I pressed triangle to enter the link.
    I un-paused when I moved down the ledge and then closed Ms. Sunshine second speech bubble.
    And I stopped when I reached the scoreboard.
    Time: 3:52.38

    And you?

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