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    Default Parr Four- The golfers dream land

    Wassup guys Bobbbio_ here with yet another track that I created keep in mind I've had this track Done for pretty much a month, I've had request to make this a track paying homage to Tearaway, I can definitley see the resemblance with it but I had already had this abstract golf course fairway idea , so i decided to stick with it instead, Thanks to those who coined the Tearaway idea, but any way yeah! enjoy this awesme gameplay video of me placing third in my own track, lol dont judge my skills I ama karting master

    Here we have Parr Four, in honest opinion this is my best track, in terms of creativity and it only took a day to create maybe even less lol i think 7 hours, what too the longest to get this level published was naming it!! Goodness naming a level can be a pain in the foot, but my when father play tested and had said par four and eureka!

    sound of in the bottom and let me now what you guys think!! Ill be uploading screen shots as well. Keep in mind guys I'll be recording levels from here up here. I'm in the process of creating a series where I play your guys level, maybe even commentate over them as well, I wont be saying anything negative. I'm also working on Live streaming this game and other as well so enjoy!

    Till then
    give love &
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    Wow you are whipping up these levels like there is no tomorrow! Keep it up Queued!


    Edit: Here is a link to your level.

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    Dude, you're unstoppable. It's great to have so many news levels from you. It make me want to re- create some track. As soon as i'll have the time to.

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    Thanks!! YEah I play karting religiously, Its hard for me to stop playing this game, I was at work today and I was think of this awesome track, I currently Have 2 tracks in the works maybe 3. but again thanks! We should definitely play when you get more time I'm always down to play some LBPKArting
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