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    Lightbulb The Heart Break Kid's Reviews

    Hello, I will review all levels posted in this thread. These reviews will be based on the following:
    Gameplay,Sound,Graphics, and Story (not needed). All will be based a 0/5 system, and I will give a paragraph about the levels here on this thread. PS Post link.
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    Aspiring creator and (In my opinion) a great reviewer.

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    Do you review LBP PS VITA levels?
    PSN: johnbonbon(PSP and PSV) and himoks 69(PS3)

    Other levels: The Guardian (PS VITA), Demon's Souls (PS VITA), AMOC (PS VITA), The Unfinished Swan (PS VITA)


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    Do you review objects? Level is a demo w/ prize...CDS: Capture Deterrent System

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    Sorry, forgot to check this everyday. I apologize for this and it won't happen again.
    Now, I can't review psvita levels, I do not have a vita so sorry. I will review any other kind though, so your demo level review is indeed coming.
    Aspiring creator and (In my opinion) a great reviewer.

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    Level Name: CDS: Capture Deterrent System

    By: Sascha_Winter

    Holy cow, that is amazing. All I have to say, but I'm going to say more.

    Level Review:
    It was really funny the way you did the actual level part. I will say this, to improve the level I would speed it up just a tad, and I mean a tad.

    Device Review:
    I will start out by saying I'm not the greatest at logic and stuff of that nature, but I know just the right amount to say that this is amazing in every way possible. It is so high tech it's not funny. I can't say I would use it (I only create by my self, A.K.A. I have no friends) but any one who does, should use it. I think you need to do a youtube video, if you can to explain it better, because it is really hard to under stand at points when your going through chips logic.

    Overall Rating: 5/5 Just another amazing device, I'll call it now, MM Pick.
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    Aspiring creator and (In my opinion) a great reviewer.

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    Default Level Review

    Level Name: Whispers in the Dark
    By: DawnBreaker_23

    Level review:
    At the very start it looks like allot of other survival levels, but it is very different then the ones I have played. It is allot like a flash game, but ten times harder. I never finished the story and did very o.k. at the zone mode. Although it is difficult, it is fun and I can see me coming back and trying again in the near future.

    Stuff to Fix/Improve on:
    I would remove the first song and just have it start on the second. The second song captures the atmosphere of the level and gets you in the mood for what's coming up. I also have a some thing to ask is there more stages then just the starting one, because if so you might want to let the player chose what stage to play. (Because he will not make pass the first one)

    Sound: 3.0/5 -No unique sounds.
    Graphics: 3.0/5-Nothing outstanding, but some good detail
    Gameplay: 3.5/5-A fun mini-game, that you can lose track of time with.
    Overall: 3.0/5
    Aspiring creator and (In my opinion) a great reviewer.

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